Language Department

Communication! World Language is communication. The faculty of the world language department at LS live out the richness communication brings when they’re found sitting together at their lunch table in the office. Conversations range across many topics, and in the languages we teach here: French, German, Latin, Mandarin and Spanish. We are passionate about communicating and sharing our love of language with our students. With film, art, music, history and cultural activities leading students into comfort and familiarity with the languages we teach, we strive to share our knowledge and nurture their skills.

Department Goal
Our goal, here in the world language department, is to make language accessible to every student. Knowledge of another language develops sensitivity and understanding of other peoples and their cultures. On a more practical level, it also enhances career options. Careers in STEM fields, social justice, global industry, and the arts are all enhanced by world language skills

Guiding Principles
Beyond classroom learning, language department extras include club activities, exchange opportunities, and the annual Declamation Competition. Further information can be found in these web pages or may be shared by individual classroom teachers.

For course information, please consult the L-S Program of Studies.

Please contact the Language Department Coordinator, Angela Medeiros, with any questions.