Student Parking

Parking Information for the 2024-25 school year has been sent via email 

(on June 4 from Ms Ryan) to all emerging 11th & 12th grade students.  

Students, please check your email for the letter which contains 

the link to the application.

Parents/Guardians do not have access to the application as students must be logged in with their L-S account.


  • A VALID DRIVER’S LICENSE (you cannot apply until you have your license)



(15 hours for 12th grade; 10 hours for 11th grade) 

Limited Number of Permits: 

Student parking spaces are a limited resource on campus.  Each year the school distributes approximately 360 parking permits, 310 of which are sold in the fall. The remaining are held to accommodate snow removal and are sold at a prorated fee after all snow melts in the early spring. The school does not allow parking permits to be reserved pending a student obtaining a license or vehicle.   Permits are assigned on a first come, first served basis.  Seniors will be given priority until August 27, 2024.  After that date, Juniors will be awarded permits if spots are available.  


Students unable to obtain a parking permit often choose to park at Featherland Park, which is maintained by the Town of Sudbury.  Featherland is located less than a quarter mile from the high school.  Parking at Featherland is free of charge.  The availability of Featherland for parking is largely dependent upon the decorum of students using the lot – should our students not treat the park respectfully, the Town would be well within its right to ban parking in this lot.  Winter snow events may find Featherland not plowed or the sidewalks between Featherland and the school unusable.  Students should plan accordingly and make alternate travel arrangements to and from school as needed.  

Parking Fines:

Any previously accrued parking fines must be resolved prior to being eligible for a parking pass.  If you have any outstanding parking tickets, you can make payment on MySchoolBucks by clicking the link HERE.  You can check if you have outstanding tickets in Aspen by going to “My Info” top tab and “Tickets” side tab.

Parking Fee:

Parking permits are $300 each.  Once your application is processed, you will receive an email with information on how to make your payment.  A limited number of job slots will be available for students who would like to work with Buildings & Grounds during the summer to reduce their parking permit cost to $100.  You must be able to commit to 3 hours per day (9:30-12:30) for one week in the summer.  Interested parties should sign up HERE.  WORKING DOES NOT GUARANTEE A PARKING PASS.  Students must complete the application and meet all other requirements.  We are also willing to work with you to create a payment plan if needed.

Final Note:  

Parking at the high school is a privilege and not a right.  This privilege may be limited at any time to accommodate school-sanctioned functions or revoked because of school behavior that merits disciplinary action. 

The application link can be found in your email (sent to students on June 4, 2024).  Contact [email protected] with questions.