The Reach Program

The REACH Program is designed to meet the needs of students with significant and unique developmental and learning disabilities. Students in Reach typically require intensive functional and remedial skills development including a substantially separate classroom experience with the goal of integrating students into the mainstream environment with typical peers.
Each student within the Reach program has access to small group instruction in the areas of functional reading, writing, math, social skills, and life skills. Volunteer opportunities and integration into the community are also built into the students’ schedules. As they grow, vocational exploration becomes a major focus of each student's programming.
Reach students also have access to group and individual counseling, speech and language therapy, social pragmatics groups, and the opportunity to participate in the Best Buds social group. For students who qualify for an Extended School Year, REACH includes access to a summer program. Learning Skills classes address a continuum of life skills and/or a review of mainstream class curriculum, organizational skills, and areas of need determined by a student’s IEP.