Drop-off and pick-up

Drop-off and Pick-up Information

Please see the map below to understand the traffic pattern on campus.

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Parking map update

PLEASE NOTE that the entrance in yellow is now 2 way traffic. KEEP RIGHT when entering campus.
It is challenging to get all cars on to campus at peak times. Therefore, we are making the following suggestions:

When driving on school grounds, please observe a speed limit of 15 mph.


Drop off early. The building opens at 8:00 am but students can wait on campus for doors to open. Do not wait until the last minute to drop off your student(s).

For safety reasons, DO NOT drop off on Concord Road or Lincoln Road.


Pick up later. Please consider coming to pick up your student 15-20 minutes after dismissal. It will take this long to make your way through the pick-up line anyhow. Coming later will decrease gridlock on Lincoln Rd and improve traffic flow. Students are welcome to wait for you in the cafeteria or outside.

Pull up. When waiting in the pick-up/drop-off loop, please pull up tightly to the car in front of you so that we can get cars off of Lincoln Road.

For safety reasons, DO NOT pick up on Concord Road or Lincoln Road.

Safety is our top priority and we ask that you please be patient and follow the directions of staff directing traffic.

Please reach out to Associate Principal Tracy Ryan with questions at [email protected] or x2353.