L-S School Council Members

All members, with the exception of the Superintendent-Principal, serve two year terms. Parent members are solicited for nomination in September through a letter from the Superintendent-Principal, and voted on by parents at Back to School Night. Student members are student senators, chosen by the Student Senate. L-S staff are nominated and elected by other staff members.

Superintendent/Principal: Bella Wong

Academic Year 2020-21

L-S Parents:

  • Jen Dudgeon (elected ’19) 
  •  Subhasri Gangopadhyay (elected ’19)
  • Lauren Hochberg (joined ’20)
  • Yael Kupiec-Dar (joined '20)
  • Brenda Hart (joined ’20)

L-S Students:

  • Jack Grosberg
  • Matt Hamilton
  • Noah Krebs
  • Riya Misra
  • Sarah Watson
  • Caleb Yee

L-S Staff:

  • Kelly Mazza (joined ’19)
  • Mark Mason (re-joined ’19)
  • Carly Evans (re-joined ’20)
  • Isaac Fisher (re-joined ’20)
  • Suanne Peterson (joined ’20)
  • Erica Wilsen (joined ’20)