Educational Technology Department

Devices @ L-S – We recognize that there is not one device that is perfect for every student.  While Lincoln-Sudbury is primarily composed of Chromebooks,  the school's network is designed to be as device-agnostic as possible.  Students may bring in their own devices for use at school though it is up to individual teachers to decide whether personal devices may be used in their classroom (personal laptops are allowed, but for some testing a school device may be required).

The expectation is that every student will bring a device with them to school every day.  L-S will provide a Chromebook to any student that would like one for the length of their time at our school.  To request one, please email [email protected]  (the families of incoming 9th graders will be contacted over the summer)

Planning on purchasing your own device for use while at L-S?  Here's what we recommend:
- A Chromebook model manufactured in 2022 or later
- Any current Apple MacBook (Air/Pro)
- A Windows laptop running Win11
- Consider the size of the display.  While you may prefer a larger screen, remember that carrying the device around all day in a backpack, or your hands, can get cumbersome if the device is too bulky. 

Student Info & Guides for Students - Here you'll find short guides for getting started with Aspen, Google Classroom, WiFi accounts, Plex access and more.

If a student has a question or needs help at any time please email [email protected] or come by room B328


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