The Link Program

LINK-Language Based is a home-based program at Lincoln Sudbury Regional High School that provides services to students with identified learning issues, social-emotional needs, and social pragmatics. Students in Link have a history of moderate academic challenges and require additional services and supports such as speech and language or social skills groups.
Based on the school schedule, all special education students attend a Learning Skills class for specialized instruction and academic support. These services are provided in a small group setting and are based on each student’s IEP.

LINK-Autism is a program within Link that supports students on the autism spectrum. Based on their learning profile and their IEP, most students take their classes in the general education curriculum with additional support as needed. Students’ IEP drive their course selection as we plan for the next 4 years of high school. Students also participate in counseling and social pragmatics as stated in their IEP goals. In the Link-Autism program, students may require a teaching assistant in a general education classroom to provide additional support. The Link-Autism program provides an opportunity for an appropriate education supporting the belief that the local high school is the least restrictive environment for all students.