The fine, applied and technical arts department encompasses a broad spectrum of courses. Students are encouraged to develop their own artistic and creative problem solving ability and to study the functions of Art in different cultures and time periods. Classes that meet the Arts Requirement include an examination of theory and practical application through research and project or performance based work.

Classes that meet the Arts Requirement have a hands-on component, requiring students to creatively solve problems in a way that demonstrates understanding of key concepts, mastery of technical skills, and the application of safe work habits.

Students also learn:

  • to work cooperatively in a communal studio, lab, or ensemble
  • to assess and reflect on their own progress
  • to respectfully participate in larger group critiques

Tom Grandprey is the Department Coordinator and Leslie Patterson is the FATA administrative liaison.

Several courses in each of the FATA sub disciplines of Applied Technology, Art, Media Arts, Music, and Theater Arts meet the Arts Requirement and are noted as such in the L-S Program of Studies.