Summer Changes

Summer Schedule Change Requests

Once you have reviewed your schedule in August, please use this link to fill out a form (link will be live when schedules are released) to indicate a problem with your schedule.

During the school year, please contact your teacher, counselor or the scheduling office directly ([email protected]).

Incomplete or Incorrect Schedules

If you have an incomplete or incorrect schedule, please click on the above link. Students in grades 9-11 must have 7 classes each semester and students in grade 12 must have at least 6 classes each semester. Examples of an incorrect schedule are: "I don't have an English class." "I wasn't supposed to be enrolled in Spanish." "I am enrolled in Digital Imaging, which I have already taken."

Waitlist Activation

If you did not get a course you requested, you may add your name to a waitlist by filling out the form. Be aware that it is extremely unlikely that a spot has opened up as most courses are full. You may not have gotten a course you requested because it did not fit into your schedule.