Summer Changes

Summer Schedule Change Requests

Once you have reviewed your schedule in August, please use this link to fill out a form to indicate a problem with your schedule or to request to be placed on a waitlist.

During the school year, please contact your teacher, counselor or the scheduling office directly ([email protected]).

Incomplete or Incorrect Schedules

If you have an incomplete or incorrect schedule, please click on the above link. Students in grades 9-11 must have 7 classes each semester and students in grade 12 must have at least 6 classes each semester. Examples of an incorrect schedule are: "I don't have an English class." "I wasn't supposed to be enrolled in Spanish." "I am enrolled in Digital Imaging, which I have already taken."

Waitlist Activation

If you did not get a course you requested, you may add your name to a waitlist by clicking on the link at the top of this page. Names will be added on a first-come, first-served basis after schedules are made available. You may request to be placed on a waitlist for English, History, Math (Elective Courses only) or Science (Elective Courses only).

If an opening becomes available, students on the waitlist are notified in order. You will have 24 hours to confirm that you would like the spot in the class.

If you would like to request a spot in a second double-enrollment (for example, you already have two History classes and one Math, and you would like to add another Math class), please email [email protected] on or after Sept 1 to see whether there is space in the course you would like to add. Spots for a second double-enrollment are extremely limited.

For all other classes, including FATA, Computer Science and Wellness courses, please email [email protected]