Music Technology


More info about Music Technology class at L-S?  Check out our Semester Music Elective info video!

Taught by Mr. Bunting
Semester course - 2 credits
No prerequisite

Course Description:
Through this course, students will learn how to create beats on the computer. Students will learn how to use synthesizers, MIDI piano and guitar controllers, and microphones to crate music and to improve music listening skills. Students will also watch film clips from Harry Potter and other Hollywood movies to discuss film scoring, and produce their own music for videos from L-S film classes utilizing Garageband or Logic loops or their own musical material. Other software may include Noteflight, Finale, Keynote, and other online music tools. This course is designed for both beginners and advanced students as students can apply their prior and newly acquired musical skills to the projects. (This class meets the Arts Requirement OR the Computer Technology Requirement (for graduating classes 2024 & 2025) and may NOT be repeated).

No prior experience necessary!  Come explore how to make beats on the computer using MIDI controllers like the:
M-Audio Oxygen 25   M-Audio Oxygen 25
and the Roli Seaboard block  Roli Songmaker Kit
with Mr. Bunting!

This Music Technology course replaces the course formerly titled "Multimedia Music".
If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact L-S Choral Director, Mr. Bunting!