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More info about Guitar classes at L-S?  Check out our Semester Music Elective info video!

*Guitar classes now qualify for the Global Scholars program - we learn about songs, styles and cultures from all over the world.

Taught by Mr. Bunting
Semester course - 2 credits
No prerequisite

Guitar is a semester elective that meets 5x per 2 weeks with 3 frees. The focus is learning to play the acoustic guitar. Music will be taught through a combination of written music, by ear, and through chord symbols. The course will be largely self-paced: all levels of experience are welcome, beginners as well as those with experience.

Beginning students who have never played guitar before are welcome!  Any level of experience welcome.  Just sign up!  We provide a guitar for each student to use and practice with for the semester.

Includes units on the UKULELE and ELECTRIC GUITAR!

Intermediate Guitar 

Intermediate and advanced guitar students are also welcome to sign up for "Intermediate Guitar", and will have flexibility to move at their own pace.  Topics to explore will include barre chords, alternate picking, playing in a variety of musical styles, and songs chosen by the student.

 Guitar masterclass 2019

Here are some ear training exercises for practice.


Major vs. minor triads

7th chords: Major 7th, minor 7th, dominant 7th


Minor vs. major 2nds

Minor vs. Major 3rds

Minor 2nds, Major 2nds, minor 3rds, Major 3rds