Conservatory Block Ensembles

NEW: Conservatory Block Ensembles

Check out the L-S Music NYC Tour info (April break 2025) !!!

Sign up for Choir, Band or Orchestra next year, so you can attend the NYC Tour!  For more info contact Mr. Bunting, Mr. Grandprey, or Mr. Oh!
All L-S Band, Choir and Orchestra students are eligible to attend the NYC tour, including Conservatory Block ensembles.

For the 24-25 school year, L-S Music is piloting the second year of a "Conservatory Block" program for 2 ensembles: Concert Choir and Concert Band.

What is Concert Choir Conservatory or Concert Band Conservatory?

  • Music ensembles that meet before school 3 days a week on Tue. Wed. & Fri. mornings 7:33-8:25 a.m.

Why a before school Conservatory Ensemble?

  • Increases students’ access to Arts classes at L-S
  • Offers the same experience & credits as during the regular school day Band and Concert Choir courses
  •   Do you love Art AND Music?  If you sign up for Concert Choir Conservatory or Concert Band Conservatory, you can ALSO take another Elective in Visual Art, Computer Science, Applied Tech, Theater, another music class or Skills class that year

Worried about fitting in the Computer Science Requirement?  You can continue with Choir or Band during the morning Conservatory Block, and sign up for a Computer Science class during the regular school day.  Done!

What might a student schedule look like with a Conservatory Block ensemble?  Here is a mock-up of a sample schedule with Conservatory block.

 How do I sign up?  

  • Select “Concert Choir (or Band) Conservatory” on your course selection Form. The form will then ask you to fill out your preferences for your Elective during the school day.


  • Bus transportation will not be provided. Students are encouraged to get a ride or carpool with other students or families.  This is a pilot program--we hope to add a bus option in a future year.  
  • Reach out to the L-S music directors if you have any questions about coordinating transportation.
  • If you are a Boston student who is interested, please contact Mr. Grandprey and Mr. Bunting!

Don't want to get up that early?

  • You don't have to!  For your Elective course section, choose "Concert Choir" or "Symphonic Band" as your 1st choice, as both of these courses meet during the regular school day.
  • Students who request a music ensemble (Concert Choir, Concert Choir Conservatory, or Symphonic Band, Concert Band Conservatory or Orchestra as their 1st choice Elective will be placed into those ensembles, along with any of their friends who sign up!
Additional Info

  • All these ensembles are open to all grades, 9-12, with no audition
  • The following courses now count towards the Global Scholars program: Concert Choir, Concert Choir Conservatory, Symphonic Band & Concert Band Conservatory
  • Interested students should make Concert Choir Conservatory or Concert Band Conservatory their 1st choice on the elective choices
  • For Choir, the morning Concert Choir Conservatory option and the regular school day Concert Choir will rehearse separately but perform together as one large ensemble at concerts.
  • Concert Band Conservatory (before school) and Symphonic Band (during the regular school day) are separate ensembles and will play different songs, though they will perform together for at least one combined song at concerts
  • If a student would like to take both Band & Choir at L-S (or Orchestra/Choir or Orchestra/Band) mark the Conservatory group as your 1st choice elective. The form will then ask you to fill out your preferences for your elective during the school day. Mark the other group as your 2nd choice, AND send an email to [email protected] letting him know of your intention to participate in both group

Conservatory block students will have access to participate in other music opportunities at L-S such as Chamber Singers, Jazz Ensemble & Combos, Chamber groups, etc.Chamber Singers auditions will be in late May/early June.  And, yes, Chamber Singers members can sign up for Concert Choir Conservatory in the morning if they wish--we would try to schedule your Wellness, or Elective, or Senior free block for the block that Chamber Singers rehearses.  If you have questions, contact Mr. Bunting!

Jazz Ensemble registration, and auditions for Jazz Combos will take place in September.  Information/signups will take place in the band room during class

Conservatory groups are a pilot program; many discussions have taken place with students, staff, and parents/guardians to be able to offer these classes.  We sought feedback during the first year of the pilot (23-24 school year) and will incorporate this feedback into the second year of the pilot (24-25 school year).