Student-Directed Vocal Groups

Banner Student Directed Vocal Groups

L-S has 5 student-directed contemporary vocal groups.  Mr. Bunting serves as Advisor for all 5 groups.  Ms. Frommer also serves as Advisor of Accent.

Oct. 2020 - Check out the below videos for info about L-S five student-led singing groups! The videos include info for which students to contact to sign up for auditions. The auditions this year will all be held remotely, some by video submission.

Acafellas info video - Tenor/Bass a cappella group (TTBB)
Accent info video - Mixed a cappella group (SATB)
A*Choired Taste info video - Soprano/Alto a cappella group (SSAA)
Coro de Chicas info video - Small Soprano/Alto group with piano (about 5-8 singers)
Musigals info video - Soprano/Alto a cappella group (SSAA)