Choral Student Leadership

Choral Student Leadership

Each June, we hold elections across Treble Choir and Concert Choir for Choir President and Vice-President.  These students must be incoming Seniors, and must be in Treble Choir or Concert Choir for the full year (not as a Wrap).

Each September, we hold elections in the 3rd week of classes to fill the remaining officer positions in Treble and Concert Choir.  These choral officers can be in any grade 9-12, and must be in Treble or Concert Choir for the full-year (students doing Wraps are not eligible to serve as choral officers for that year).  Choral Secretaries take attendance at the beginning of rehearsal.  Section Leaders help their section learn their parts during occasional sectional break-out rehearsals.

All Choral Officers are responsible for supporting the climate of kindness, respect and hard work expected in all L-S Choral Ensembles, and for supporting others by being available to serve as an resource to and advocate for their section.  If you are interested, you should run to be an officer!  It also looks good on college applications as a leadership opportunity.

2021-22 Choral Officers

President: Gustavo M
Vice-President: Celeste C
Section Leaders: Sarah M, CJ J, Serena H, Netta D, Charlotte O'B, Joey S-G, Eva B, Mikhal S, Henry B
Secretaries: Nina L, Olivia S