Core Values

Core Values

Fostering caring and cooperative relationships

Lincoln-Sudbury encourages all its community members -- students, teachers, staff and administrators -- to cultivate caring and supportive relationships with one another, and to sustain a culture where all members of the community can thrive. Since the primary activity of the school is learning and teaching, the primary relationship is between a student and a student’s teachers. With that said, the school places equal value on the relationships between students and its staff members, as well as the collegiality among its staff members.

Respecting human differences

As articulated in its Mission Statement, Lincoln-Sudbury is “a place that values diversity in style and substance.” Human difference includes all forms of diversity, such as racial, ethnic, religious, familial, economic, and sexual orientation. In addition, L-S honors differences of opinion and differences in learning styles.

Pursuing academic excellence

Lincoln-Sudbury is committed to educating the whole student. Thus, the school defines academics in the broadest sense possible to include all disciplines and programs at L-S. While high achievement for each student on that student’s own terms is the ultimate objective, excellence may also describe the growth a student shows in the pursuit of that student’s goals.

Cultivating community

Each of us is a member of any given number of communities that can be defined in multiple ways. Lincoln-Sudbury believes a student’s commitment to any community is a symbiotic relationship. The school lives its motto, “Think for yourself, but think of others,” in its long-standing dedication to service; and, the school recognizes that its students are citizens of the world: they are part of a vibrant, complex, and sometimes perplexing global community that is continuously evolving. Thus, L-S seeks to prepare its students to be informed, constructive, respectful and responsible members of the community at home and beyond.