Special Education Services

Special Education Services

If a student has a suspected disability that interferes with the ability to make effective progress in school, and various classroom interventions and modifications have not been successful, an evaluation for special education services may be in order. Under federal and state law, students are entitled to a free, appropriate, public education, or FAPE, in the least restrictive educational environment. Students are eligible for special education services if all three of the following are true:

  • The student has one or more disabilities
  • The student is not making effective progress in school as a result of the disability, and
  • The student requires specialized instruction or a related service in order to make effective progress

A variety of programs are available to students who have an IEP.  Each individual student is assessed to determine how her/his learning/social/emotional needs can best be met.

For students who have specific disabilities that preclude them from functioning well in a typical classroom without special education, there are four programs at L-S that address their needs:

  1. The Learning Center
  2. The LINK Program
  3. The EXCEL Program
  4. The REACH Program
  5. The ACE Program
  6. LS Academy