Programs at L-S

METCO Programs at L-S

3.0 GPA Initiative

The METCO Department has had an on-going goal to increase the academic achievement of our Boston student population by establishing an academic standard, raising our level of expectations, and implementing programs and initiatives to inspire and motivate our Boston students to excel academically.

Independent Academic Study (IAS)

This is an elective course for Boston students which provides an opportunity for them to receive additional academic support in any of their courses. Any student with multiple warnings or a cumulative GPA less than or equal to 2.0 is automatically scheduled to attend IAS; others voluntarily choose to register; some are recommended to attend by parents, their guidance counselor, teacher, or the METCO staff.

Depending on the student’s course load, he/she will attend anywhere from twice to eight times per cycle. A small majority of students (1 to 3 per year), however, receive credit for IAS. They attend five to eight times per cycle and have expectations/projects to complete above and beyond just doing homework.

Any METCO student can use IAS on a drop-in basis during a free block. The METCO study is staffed by one of the Academic Advisors and, during certain blocks, a faculty tutor.

Homework Club

The purpose of the Homework Club is to model good study behavior and provide enrichment in a variety of subjects. The Homework Club provides an appropriate environment for students to get work done: quiet, minimal distractions, resources on hand (computers, text books, supplies). The Homework Club is staffed by the METCO Academic Advisors as well as faculty to tutor students in the five core subjects (English, Foreign Language, Math, Science and History).

Homework club occurs Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:00 – 5:00 PM in room A200.

Sojourner School Sisters

Sojourner School Sisters is an affinity/cohort gathering for Lincoln-Sudbury High School girls of color who are Boston Resident Students. The goal is that these students will be able to have some open and guided discussions around issues which impact them as girls of color in an academic environment which is primarily made up of the dominant culture in our society. The hope is to help unpack some issues and feelings around these issues and also share strategies to help successfully navigate this environment.

Strategic Skills

The Strategic Skills course is designed for incoming 9th grade METCO students to assist with the transition from middle school into the more independent and rigorous learning environment at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School. In addition, this course is designed to help students access the major skills necessary for academic success at LSRHS and beyond​.

Young Achievers Mentoring Program

The Young Achievers of Tomorrow Mentoring Program is dedicated to helping 8th grade METCO students reach their full academic potential. The program enables students to develop a strong sense of self-esteem and to understand the skills and disciplines necessary for academic success at L-S.

Tenacity Challenge

The Latino and African American Tenacity Challenge is an annual academic scholarship competition for teams of Latino and African-American students from urban and suburban high schools across Massachusetts. Recommended team size is 6 (may not be larger than 6) students allowing for several members of each team to “specialize” in an area of the challenge preparation. During the extended period of preparation, students build academic capacity, strengthen intellectual risk-taking and develop enduring peer and faculty relationships.

Young Men of Boston

Kevin will be starting a group called Young Men of Boston in January of the new year. The group will aim to bring male Boston students together on a bi-weekly basis to help build a sense of community amongst the boys in the METCO program and offer an outlet to address specific challenges they are facing at L-S. As the meetings progress throughout the year, we will aim to incorporate a variety of practical and fun activities ranging from resume building/job skills to intramural sports.