Peer Leader Program

Peer Leader Program

Peer Leader Internship Expectations

End of each quarter/semester required google classroom submissions:

  1. Upload a picture to your site hours log from that quarter/semester
  2. Submit the assigned self-evaluation/reflection form
  3. Other assignments/tasks as assigned

Internship Set Up

When setting up your internship at the end of August/start of September, please send/bring the Peer Leader Internship Entry Letter for your cooperating teacher, counselor or program director to review and respond to.

Elementary School Internship: contact the school/teacher of your choice. See Ms. Klein if you would like assistance finding a cooperating teacher.

Curtis Middle School Internship: contact counselor Ivar Henningson to set up an intake interview.

LS Peer Leader Internship: contact REACH program director Mary Ann Grady to set up an intake interview.

Peer Leader Coordinator:
Amanda Klein Office B100 978-443-9961 x3154