Wellness Department

Facts - Feelings - Possibilities

The L-S Wellness program is an integrated holistic Health and Physical Education Curriculum with an experimental focus. Our Department seeks to provide a balance between the expression of individuality, a responsible concern for the rights and needs of others, and the opportunity to examine and monitor one’s wellness.

Our Wellness Curriculum is designed to develop the social and emotional learning (SEL) of our students. Students acquire a variety of skills including resiliency, empathy, goal setting, and responsible decision making. The Wellness Department gives students an opportunity to understand that all components of Wellness are interconnected and of equal importance.

Through a variety of required and elective courses, students experience and learn the impacts of numerous wellness themes on regular physical activity, nutrition and sleep choices, self-care and advocacy, mindfulness, play and many more.

The Wellness Curriculum focuses on key components of the Portrait of a Graduate:

  • Growth Mindset.
  • Innovative and Creative.
  • Self-Aware and Reflective.
  • Critical and Descerning
  • Global Citizen.

Information about our Wellness Policy

The Wellness Department Coordinator is Susan Shields.

For more information about current classes, see the L-S Program of Studies.