Student Media Release

Student Media Release:
Photographs and video images of students at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School are routinely created for the purpose of sharing student achievements and celebrating educational programs with the community. Photographs are sometimes submitted to area newspapers, used in school publications, posted on our district/school websites, and/or shared with the Lincoln-Sudbury Parents Organization (LSPO). Photos of your child may be used on the website, student newspaper, yearbook and/or local media. Any student whose parent/guardian does not want their child's picture taken, including in group settings, is advised to complete this optĀ­-out form and ask your student to step out of any group picture being taken.
Federal and state law allows schools to disclose this type of information without consent but parents and eligible students have the right to “opt-out”. (This right does not apply to occasions in which the school is required to provide an image for legal or safety reasons.)
Families who wish to opt-out should do so via the Data Verification Form in Aspen or by contacting your student's house office.