L-S School Council Members

All members, with the exception of the Superintendent-Principal, serve two year terms. Parent/caregiver members are asked to volunteer in September via an email from the Superintendent-Principal. If the number of volunteers exceeds the number of open seats, a parent/caregiver election will be held at Back to School Night. Student members are current or former student senators, chosen by the Student Senate. Open faculty positions are advertised in September via Staff News. If there are more volunteers than open seats, elections are held. The community representative is appointed by the Superintendent-Principal.

Superintendent-Principal: Andrew Stephens

Academic Year 2023-24

L-S Parents/Caregivers:

  • James Chen (joined '22)
  • Yael Kupiec-Dar (re-joined '22)
  • Maura Carty (elected '23)
  • Lisa Freedman (elected '23)

L-S Community Representative :


L-S Students:

  • Rachel Konigsberg  (joined '22)
  • Zalen Stason  (joined '22)
  • Bodie Thompson  (joined '22)
  • Frances Yee (joined '22)
  • other senators on a rotating basis

L-S Staff:

  • Carly Evans (re-joined ’22)
  • Suanne Peterson (re-joined ’22)
  • Chris Durocher (joined '23)
  • Erica Wilsen (re-joined '23)