New Student Enrollment

Welcome to Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School


Registrations for school year 2024-2025 are now being accepted.  If your student is currently enrolled in our sending towns of Lincoln and Sudbury, you do not have to complete this process.  We will work with you through the Lincoln & Sudbury middle schools to register your child.  Enrollment meetings for new-to-district students, who have completed the registration process, begin in late April 2024.

To begin the student enrollment process we ask that you first gain an understanding of the Lincoln-Sudbury Residency Policy. In order for a student to be registered at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School, the student must reside in either the town of Lincoln or the town of Sudbury, or be a member of the Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity (METCO) program.

The Lincoln-Sudbury School Profile and Program of Studies provides information about our school's curriculum and policies.

Our registration process includes the completion of an online registration form and providing Lincoln-Sudbury with required forms and documents.  There is the option to upload these forms and documents via the online registration form, or you can mail or email any of the forms & documents to:

               Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School
               390 Lincoln Road
               Sudbury, MA 01776

               [email protected]

After all the required forms and documents have been submitted, you will be contacted to set up an appointment to meet with a School Counselor. Students and parents/guardians must attend an enrollment meeting with a School Counselor (virtually or in person) and all registration forms and documents must be completed and returned prior to the appointment. Students are not considered enrolled at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School until they have met with a School Counselor.

The online registration form should take about 20 minutes to complete, there is the ability to save the form and return to it later before you submit the completed document. If you are registering more than one child, you will need to do a separate form for each.  If you have questions about enrollment or require any assistance with the forms or documents, please contact the Lincoln-Sudbury Registrar:

Casey Friend
[email protected]

                                               LSRHS ONLINE REGISTRATION LINK

We look forward to welcoming your student to the Lincoln-Sudbury Regional School District.

Thank you.


These documents can be uploaded via the on-line form above or (e)mailed to Lincoln-Sudbury.

  1. Proof of Residency and Occupancy in either the town of Lincoln or Sudbury
    • For evidence of residency, a tax bill or a fully signed and executed Purchase and Sale (P&S) Agreement can be used, provided the occupancy date occurs before a student can be enrolled in the district.
    • Proof of Occupancy- current utility bill or notarized occupancy statement
    • Fully signed and executed Lease and/or Rental Agreement with the names of the children listed on the document (which must be executed by both parties)
  2. Parent/Guardian identification (Driver's license or passport)
  3. Custody/Legal Guardian official documents (if applicable)
  4. Birth Certificate, Visa or Passport
  5. Current Immunization & Physical Examination Record
  6. Grades/Transcript/Schedule to Date - have your former school send  to us or provide a copy from your records
  7. Individual Educational Plan or 504 Plan, if student is currently receiving services and latest testing


These forms can be uploaded via the on-line form above or (e)mailed to Lincoln-Sudbury.

Request for Student Records
Home Language Survey
Scroll down to the first drop down under "Home Language Survey" and select your language
Health and Emergency Information Form

                Athletics Important: Any student transferring from another high school - private or public - is required to complete the MIAA FORM 200. Fill out all of section A & Section B.1 & B.2.

Visit our L-S Athletics webpage for additional necessary forms and information.


If you are looking to withdraw a student from Lincoln-Sudbury, please contact the Registrar for a withdrawal form  [email protected]