Clubs and Other Opportunities

Clubs and Other Opportunities


There are clubs for French, German, Latin and Spanish students. Each club offers different activities and opportunities for students. Some clubs have a particular service element. Students receive information about the clubs during the ACA fair which occurs in September.


Each year in March, the World Language department holds a Declamation contest. Students select a poem or prose piece, interpret and memorize it to perform. Initial competition occurs in the language department and the finalists compete in the auditorium in March with outside judges presiding.


Student exchange opportunities that are language focused are available for students in French, German, and Spanish. Latin students have the opportunity to participate in a trip focusing on the ancient world in Rome.


Each year the French and the Spanish departments host a movie night in spring. During the school year, many teachers use film as a learning device to further develop cultural awareness and language skills.


Additional language resources may be found on the individual language pages. And students will receive the newest information about these opportunities from their classroom teachers.