Latin at LS

Latin at LS

The Latin program at Lincoln Sudbury provides an opportunity to study a rich classical language for four years. Students gain a strong foundation for an understanding of Western languages and literatures. As part of the curriculum, students learn not only the Latin language, but also Roman culture and history. Latin is an excellent choice for students interested in law, science, art history, literature, history and other languages. The thriving and intimate nature of the program offers students a small learning environment in a big school. 

All Latin courses are taught in English. Students spend the first five semesters of Latin reading the Ecce Romanitextbook and learning about an ancient Roman family, their daily life, cultural norms, ceremonies, games and monuments. In the middle of the third year of study, students translate selections from Ovid’s Metamorphoses, our primary source of Greek and Roman mythology.  The fourth year is devoted to Virgil’s Aeneid.  Students hone their translation skills, focus on literary analysis, and develop an understanding of the Aeneidin the context of the Western epic tradition. A trip to the Classical galleries at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, highlights the connection between ancient art, literature, myth and history. 



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