Starting 11/15: Dabble Art Volunteers

Dabble Art Volunteers
Posted on 11/18/2021
At Dabble, our mission is to teach introductory/intermediate art classes virtually to students aged K-8 in small groups of 2-3.
We have many courses to choose from, such as Manga x Style, Animals & Flora, Introduction to Art, and People in Portraits, just to name a few as listed on our website.
If students feel they have a strong interest or firm grasp of any of these subjects, then they are welcome to apply as an instructor! We hope to provide interdisciplinary opportunities for students to apply what they learn at school outside of the classroom -- plus the bonus of connecting to the community.

Even though the classes are virtual, digital art is not necessarily a requirement; there are accommodations for traditional artists when teaching, too!

Volunteer registration for all positions will be open for the next trimester (December - March) next week: 11/15 - 11/27
The volunteer form can be accessed on the website:
Dabble Art Website