Wellness Department Goals 2018-2019

Revising and Improving the Wellness Elective Program: (2 year Goal)

The department will continue the work of the summer ED&E on our elective program.

*Propose New Courses to the AC in November 2018

*Review and Evaluate new units in the Golf Curriculum, Fencing Curriculum

*Review and Evaluate the new Male Self-Defense Program

*Discuss the Impact of placement on electives based on Quarter being offered and the possibility of offering A year and B year system.


The DESE curriculum review sited LS as not requiring physical education in 12th grade.  The Wellness department will create a plan to remediate this.

*The 12th Grade Wellness committee will meet with Counseling Dept. Liaisons and Scheduling to discuss areas of focus and concern on implementing this.

*Assess impact on the budget and scheduling.

* Recommendations to Wellness Dept, AC and Admin by Jan. 2019.


Creating an open dialogue with constructive feedback.

* Each Wellness teacher will observe a colleague teaching and give feedback about what they observed.

*The department check in 4 x in a department meeting on soliciting feedback on how we are functioning as a team.