Facts – Feelings – Possibilities

The Wellness Department seeks to provide a balance between the expression of individuality, a responsible concern for the rights and needs of others, and the opportunity to examine and monitor one’s wellness.

The program is designed to provide students with a comprehensive health and fitness education through required and elective courses. Each course reflects aspects of physical, social, emotional, intellectual, environmental, occupational, leisure, and spiritual well-being. This department gives students an opportunity to understand that all components of Wellness are interconnected and of equal importance.

Understanding the continuum of illness, prevention, and optimal well-being allows students to make connections between life’s choices and decisions. Our curriculum is designed to build a healthy life style by providing skills, facts,challenges and experiences¬† and offer possibilities and perspectives of their choices.

Within the Wellness Curriculum, students will:

  • Become an expert on themselves.
  • Recognize that they are not alone in the world.
  • Understand that the world is constantly changing and so are they
  • Practice self-acceptance and self-responsibility.