2017-2018 Officer Candidates


Kerri Johnson

Vice President:

Lauren Kim

Spencer Semple


Nick Carter

Emmet Klein

Emma Spector

2017-2018 Candidate Statements

Class of 2020:

Sydney Baldwin

My name is Sydney Baldwin and I am a candidate for Student Senate for the class of 2020. In my experience of being a part of Student Senate this past year, I have been involved in several opportunities to make LS and our community around us a better place. Some of these experiences made me feel like being a student at LS is something to be very proud of.  I admire the dedication of the staff and administration at LS because I know when I walk into this school that I am among some of the most talented staff in our area. LS has a lot of opportunities for students which will benefit their future. That being said, my first year at LS has taught me to become more of a critical thinker and work hard at almost everything that comes my way. In terms of Student Senate teaching me to become the person I am now, I have realized that students need to work together as a unified student body and consider all views and opinions to make more positive changes in the future years. As I go into my sophomore year, I have learned to be open to all options that are presented to me. I have a clear vision of how I could make an impact and change LS to be a better place. One change that I would consider if elected is improving the security of our school and how safety must be our top priority, yet still letting students have their freedom of leaving school at any given time. Implementing these specific changes to our community will make LS a better school than it already is. Knowing I have made an impact on our school already, will only make me want to do more. In my future at LS, I see myself going out of my comfort zone and interacting with my classmates to make positive changes to our student body. Being on Student Senate, I took pleasure in realizing that people know that I, along with the other Student Senate members, worked hard to make LS a better place.  Being a good student senator requires leadership, taking control of certain situations at school during adversity, and wanting to make a positive influence going forward. When I take on these roles, I feel that we are getting closer to mutual goal.

Tyler Greenfield

I am interested in running for the student senate next year because when I was part of the student senate this past year, I enjoyed making decisions for the school that affected me and my peers. I have already experienced the student senate, and I feel that that experience is one of the many skills that I bring to the board, along with being easy to work with, and easy to get along with. I am friendly, and I am not ignorant towards others ideas. The student senate is appealing to me because I like when I have a say in the changes that go on in the school that I attend, Lincoln Sudbury Regional High School, and I also like being a part of something that makes changes that I benefit from and that my friends benefit from. Something that I would to do in the student senate if I was chosen that I didn’t do last year was I would like to propose more ideas relating to the benefits of the students and not just listening to the other members of the student senate talk about the fundraisers that the student senate will hold. If I became a member of the student senate once again, like I was this past year, I would make a lot better and I would make a lot more changes to the school in my sophomore year than the ones that I had made a freshman.

Keith Hylton

I am a member of the class of 2020 and am eager to serve as a representative for our class to the L-S Student Senate. I have enjoyed my experience at L-S and it would be an honor to work to bring the interests and concerns of students to the attention of the school administration. My own personal interests at L-S are focused on sports and community service. I have been consistently impressed by the strong academic options at L-S as well as the wide array of clubs and other extra-curricular activities. I think my personal qualities of hard work, strong focus, and personal integrity would allow me to serve the members of my class and improve the experience for all students. Some specific suggestions for improvements include: expanding the hours of access to the library for before and after school research and study and increasing transportation options so all students can participate in all after school sports. Right now, for example, there is no organized transportation between L-S and Atkinson Pool where the L-S swim team trains. Transportation to and from the pool depends on the availability and willingness of upperclassmen to drive underclassmen to practices. Another potential improvement could be designated spaces in the bus line for specific buses. The current situation with buses lining up as they arrive is confusing and can cause people to miss their bus when its location changes and is never reliable.

I believe it is important to make certain that every single student finds a way to be connected to life at L-S. If elected, I promise to work hard to increase engagement, to listen carefully and to work hard on behalf of every single member of the class.

Ally Kim

Hi, my name is Ally Kim and I am running as a Student Senate candidate for the upcoming school year. I am part of the class of 2020 and was elected as a senator this past year and was on the school spirit committee. This past year, I was especially proud to be a part of the student senate, where we passed the “No Homework Over Break” guideline, the girls soccer team, art club, NOSB, and the film club. The senate has so much importance as I feel it bring awareness to the true problems of the students and brings them to the faculty to come to a solution together. This is really critical as we want LS to be a fun and memorable experience for all. This past year, I have learned so much from the amazing staff as well as personally. I took many risks that were outside my comfort zone and connected with people I never thought I would talk to! I would really like to see some changes in our school starting with bringing the whole school together. My goal as a senator would be to make each and every student at LS feel comfortable, loved, respected, and important. I am thankful that there are so many great programs at our school including theater, academics, athletics and leadership and think it is imperative to take advantage of the wonderful resources we have to build our school’s community even further. I am kind, courageous, a good listener, and always willing to speak up about any issues. This makes me a good senator as I will be attentive to all your individual problems and speak up about each and every one them. Additionally, it would be great if there was a way to make the upperclassmen and the underclassmen feel comfortable with each other and build a loving community through fun events. I would also like to have more school spirit events, such as the Valentine’s Day Roses that was planned unfortunately, too late, and create more fun events for underclassmen. I would also like to improve the school in more tangible ways such as fix the table situation in the library and get better hand dryers in the bathroom. I understand the amount of hard work that it takes to be a senator and I am willing to put 110% effort into each senate meeting, hearing all of your concerns, and representing the class of 2020. Thanks, and please vote!

Jonah Krasnow

Hi, I’m Jonah Krasnow and I’m running for a reelection in Student Senate for the class of 2020. My favorite part of this year has been meeting so many people. I participated in many activities, such as baseball, basketball, Model UN, and the Student Senate. During these activities, I made many new friends, some of whom could not be more different from each other. For this reason, I feel that I can accurately represent the opinions of many different people in our class.

While serving on the Student Senate in the past year, I, along with the other Senators, worked to improve our school community. I have learned that making decisions in a large school can be difficult, and that sometimes students feel ignored after a decision has been made. By meeting many people at LS, I have heard many new ideas about how to improve our school, and have tried to think from different viewpoints during the Senate meetings.

I want to serve in the Student Senate because I want to represent a wide variety of students. Many students in our class, myself included, feel that our school needs to be more inclusive. Throughout the year, we all have met many new people and have participated in many beneficial activities such as Project LS. In the future, we need to continue to make our school more inclusive through activities like these. As a member of the Student Senate, I will work to try to make our school a more inclusive place. If we are a strong community, we can achieve unbelievable things!

Ty Kronrod

Hi, my name is Ty Kronrod and I am a freshman this year. I would love to be on Student Senate next year! I think I am a good candidate for the Senate because I am very responsible and adaptive. I take my responsibilities very seriously, and if I am on the Senate I’ll take the school’s wishes seriously as well. I am adaptive to changes and people, therefore I will be good at working with other students in the senate. This quality also makes me a good conversationalist because I am open to suggestions and criticism of my own suggestions. Lastly, I am very efficient in my work. I hardly procrastinate and getting things done on time is a main priority of mine. Furthermore, I want to see amazing changes for this school. I would love to create more unity for the students, and I think more activities such as Mix-It-Up Day and the Diversity Workshop would benefit the school immensely. We are together in this school for four years, therefore we should be friendly and accepting, not harsh and separated. Another change that I’d love to see for the school is a better relationship between students and teachers. Students should feel free to come to teachers whenever they feel like they need the help, and teachers should reach out to students when they feel like the students need it. I would love to see more cooperation between teachers and students, I feel like it would strengthen the cultivating community part of the Core Values. I hope that these changes will be made next year in the Senate as I feel like they would strengthen our school’s interconnected bond. I hope to be elected for the ballot so I can make this school a better place for all!

Justin Lewitus

Hello, my name is Justin Lewitus and I am currently a ninth grader at LS. My first year at LS so far has been much better than I imagined. As I thought coming into the year, the amount of freedom that LS offers the students really enhances the learning experience. Being on the 9th grade soccer team in the fall also advanced the sense of community that I feel at LS, as I developed good bonds with my friends and teammates. Also, I have conversed with many people this year that I had never talked to before. My growing reach of friendly acquaintances makes me believe that I have a good understanding of the many different viewpoints of the LS students. This is one of the reasons that I would like to be representing the grade in the student senate for the second year. Having that ability to listen to many different ideas and opinions is important, and I believe that I am able to do this well. This comes about by talking to a wide variety of people, rather than just one’s friends, which I also try to do. When making decisions this year on the student senate, I aimed to benefit the class as a whole rather than just to satisfy my own interests. Going into next year, I believe that having this experience in the senate is a useful thing, as I will be able to have knowledge that newcomers to the senate may not otherwise have. While I am in no way whatsoever trying to discredit people who are running and were not in the senate this year, I think experience is a useful trait. I hope that you all believe that I can be a strong representative for our wonderful class.

Ami Sao

I am interested in serving on the Student Senate because over the course of the year, by participating in sports, clubs, and other events, I have grown to realize how amazing our school’s community is. At our school there is something for everyone, whether you are an athlete, or you love performing arts, there are so many great programs at our school, and there are so many ways to become a part of the community. This upcoming year I would really like to be more involved in the LS community. Here at LS we are given so many unique opportunities. I want to make the most of my LS career and take advantage of all the opportunities we, as students are so lucky to have. I would like to run for Student Senate because I think it will be a unique, interesting and fun experience, as well as a great opportunity to become more involved with the LS community.

I have never participated in anything like Student Senate before, however I love taking risks and trying new things.  Even though I do not have much experience with Student Senate, I do enjoy discussing things, and sharing my opinions, as well as listening to what others have to say. I also think I can contribute qualities of leadership, dedication, and creativity to the Senate. In addition, I really enjoy working with people to accomplish things, and achieve certain goals. It would be an honor to participate in Student Senate. It would also be a great opportunity for me to help make a difference at our school!

Brett Sorbo

Hello, my name is Brett Sorbo, and I am running for re-election to the Student Senate. This past year in the senate has been a great experience, as I learned how a student body is run.  Now, rather than rambling about how talking about the great things are at LS, I would like to mention that there is much that we can improve on. Although our school launches many initiatives in order to strengthen our adherence to LS’s core values (namely “Cultivating Community” and “Fostering Caring and Cooperative Relationships”), they fall short on their intended goals. My re-election guarantees that these short-lived attempts will become more meaningful, interactive, and apparent during school hours (and hopefully beyond). Whether they try to be something as grand and overarching as Project LS or as simple as “Mix-it-up Day” at lunch, school-wide movements aiming to unify our school must reach and be more considerate of each specific social group. LS’s social dynamic is wide, and in order to form a school identity it is imperative that we understand each other better. Furthermore, I encourage everyone to reach out to someone who and make their day. It takes bravery, but that type of bravery is universally admired. With our nation’s current political climate, giving a random act of kindness is not a ridiculous idea. With my re-election a strengthened school community will arrive, one in which no person is afraid to give a simple smile at another, or feels uncomfortable to create a conversation with someone. I will do all in my ability to help restore the goals of our core values. At the end of the day, we all want to be able to ramble about how great things are at LS. Thank you, and make sure to vote!

Emma Spector

Hello, my name is Emma Spector (Class of 2020) and I am running for a 10th grade student senate seat. I am currently on the senate and I have been able to bring new and different perspectives and ideas this year. Being elected as a freshman to the senate, over the past year I helped lead efforts to implement the No Homework Over Break policy, assist with the Santa Fundraiser as well as plan the staff/faculty appreciation week. As a sophomore, I hope to build on my success of the past year and continue to bring new and innovative ideas to the Lincoln-Sudbury community. I have many leadership qualities as well as an outgoing personality which helps me to advocate and be a voice for our class. Having been on the senate, I know the amount of time and the commitment that a senator must have to be successful. Also, by playing on the soccer and basketball teams this year, I have further developed my leadership skills by listening and finding value in others’ opinions. This is an extremely important quality to possess, as collaboration between students and faculty is a critical part of the role. I appreciate the time that you have spent to read this, and get to know why I believe that I should be re-elected to the Student Senate. Thank you and make sure to vote!

Class of 2019:

Nick Carter

My name is Nick Carter and I’m running for reelection to the students senate. I’ve been a senator for two years and I am committed to making change at LS. Over the past two years, I’ve worked tirelessly on the no homework over break proposal which will be implemented next school year. I have also played a role in the change to school-start time initiative through my position on the school council. If I get reelected to the senate, I will push for the continuation of this initiative so that we can all get more sleep. I also would like to begin to make change to allow for wider access to social media on the school’s network. Aside from my experience, I also believe that I am a good candidate for the senate because I am a hard worker and I know how to make things happen. In the past year, I have worked hard on the senate to make change and I will continue doing so in the future. I understand the work required as a member of the senate and am willing to take it on whole-heartedly. I also am a good communicator and will be able to work as a link between the student body and the administration very effectively. I’m open to the suggestions of the student body and will personally advocate for your needs as a student at LS. As a member of the senate, I would make the changes you want to see and ensure that your experience at school is the best it possibly can be.

Katie Domar Ostrow

My name is Katie Domar Ostrow, and I am a member of the LS class of 2019. I have not participated in the LS Student Senate before, but I feel passionately about doing everything in my power as a student to make LS an accepting, encouraging, and welcoming community. Being a leader is something that I feel comes naturally to me. I don’t like bossing people around, but I enjoy working in groups and hearing everyone’s perspectives and ideas. For example, I play soccer at LS, and I am a goalie. As a goalie, I have a responsibility to look out for my team, for I have a view of the entire field and all of the players, and if you’ve ever seen me in action, then you know that I am incredibly vocal and always trying to help my team in any way that I can. Furthermore, I am excited to participate in various upcoming programs at LS that I have been nominated for that I think will further improve my leadership skills, such as the LS Edge of Leadership program this summer and being a peer mediator at LS beginning next year. A few things that I feel strongly about and hope to work towards improving upon are helping create an environment in which students feel comfortable and safe to fully express themselves, helping to foster a less stressful and intense (yet still challenging and stimulating) academic atmosphere, and aiding students and faculty to form more connections with one another. I am very organized, enthusiastic, and a hard worker, and I think I will bring a lot to the table. But above all else, my top priority will be to look out for everyone at LS and to make sure that they are safe, happy, and that their voices are heard. After all, you are what make LS such an incredible place- I just want the opportunity to help this school to reach its full potential and give everyone here the best experience they can possibly have.

Seamus Frey

I would be a good senator because I am part of a very diverse group of peers. For
example, I play hockey and soccer, am a part of the National Oceanic Science Bowl, and am in
many high level classes. Therefore, I would not cater to one specific group of people and would
be able to understand many different opinions and perspectives. I am able to advocate for sports
players, clubs members, and people who are mainly concerned about the academic challenge that
LS presents. Furthermore, I took Conflict Resolution last year as a wellness class, so I am very
efficient at working with many people on a difficult problem. Finally, I would be a good senator
because I want to solve the problems that exist at LS. I want to make the high school experience
better for everyone, especially the students.
As a senator, I would advocate for equality for all students. It is important that everyone
at LS feels safe to express their opinions and true self. Furthermore, I would call for more
awareness of clubs. Too much of the time, the administration ignores incredible achievements
made by clubs at LS. For example, the Robotics club recently did very well at a tournament that
they participated in, yet there was no word from administration of this club’s achievements. On
the other hand, it feels as though the successes achieved by sports teams like the lacrosse team
are always publicized. Finally, as I senator, I would take the position seriously. If my peers were
to elect me, I would not take a passive role. I would work to achieve problems that people want

Jack Hawk

My name is Jack Hawk, and I am a member of the class of 2019. Although this would be my first year as a senator, I have been active in the LS community by supporting and playing for several of the sports teams, by participating in programs such as the Global Scholar program and by playing in the orchestra here at the school. I think I could be a good senator because of the many diverse groups to which I belong  (academics, athletics, music)  which enable me to better understand the needs of a large cross section of the student body. I am a very hard worker in everything I do, and if elected I vow to bring that same amount of effort into my duties as a senator. I also feel that I could help bring a fresh and hopefully global look to the position of senator. One reason I feel I could so this is because I have not lived in Sudbury all of my life. In my youth I lived overseas in Belgium for 7 years. I have also traveled to many countries during that time to the present, which I feel provides me with an opportunity to introduce new ideas from other places into our community with improvement in mind.

Recently I have become very interested in running for student senate, after realizing several things I would like to help improve at LS. Firstly, I believe students at LS are being put under too much stress especially during times such as the upcoming finals season and as a senator, I would look to expand programs like Stress Busters, work to lessen the workload of students and add several other programs to help destress our school. As a senator, I would also call for library reform. I believe that students should be able to have control of their own study space to allow for the most effective use of time and studying.This reform would entail seating reform, allowing for an area for group members to work together on computers, and perhaps make a limited number of laptops available for use. I also fully support the initiatives taken by the school through Project LS. Every student should feel not only safe but comfortable in our school and should be able to feel that they are a part of a greater community. I would hope to continue and introduce more programs in conjunction with Project LS, to promote awareness and bind the students of LS together.  Above all the issues which the student body as a group cares about are the ones each of you considers of most importance. I am always open to suggestions and in fact encourage them and would love to know about what concerns you have and what ideas you think we could work on together. Thank you for this opportunity, and I hope to be elected as one of your student senators for the school year 2017-2018

Margaret Hylton

My name is Margaret Hylton and I would like to represent the 11th Grade (L-S class of 2019) in the Student Senate. I served on Senate as a 10th grader for the 2016-17 school year, and I am eager to continue my involvement in student government and support the tradition of meaningful student engagement at L-S. I hope to serve in the Senate because I have several ideas and would strive to improve the student experience at our school. Specifically, I would like to see the Senate develop a grade-by-grade survey of student satisfaction with the services in the L-S Café and the library in order to make sure that student needs are being met. In addition, I hope to help the Senate develop additional online services to maximize efficient communication within the school. I write for the L-S forum, I am a member of the Katrina Project, and I swim on the LS swim team. My work for the school newspaper has not only developed my writing skills, but my ability to meet deadlines and work quickly. Writing for the newspaper also offers me insight into the various events and activities at our school. In addition, My participation in the Forum and the swim team has expanded my involvement in the LS community, and my interest in improving life at our school. I am well organized and, if elected, can promise to listen to and express the interests of all 11th graders. Please vote for Margaret Hylton; I promise to work hard to better the LS experience.

Emmet Klein

This past school year marked my second year as a Senator on the Student Senate. I served on the subcommittee which initiated and then helped pass the “No Homework Over Break” policy that will be implemented starting in the fall. I am very pleased to be a part of this new policy, as I know many students will appreciate it and it will definitely make school breaks even more relaxing.

The Student Senate has a great atmosphere that combines productivity with fun, which makes it an enjoyable club to participate in!  However, the Senate does lack some qualities which I would like to help to improve. The Senate usually focuses on one goal per school year to accomplish, but I feel that this mostly only involves a few groups of people and often takes a while to get done (which can leave the rest of the Senate with nothing to do). I would like to see the Senate have a more efficient process so that we can work on two quality proposals (if not more) in the limited time we meet. This way, several platforms are initiated at once and can make LS a better place in double the time. If elected, this will be a priority of mine.

I believe I can bring many ideas to the Senate which represent a wide coalition of students, as I know many people from across my grade who participate in athletics, music, and extracurriculars. If I am elected, I plan to run for the officer position of Secretary or Vice-President. I feel as a leader in the Senate, I will more effectively be able to present new ideas and get information across to faculty and students.

I can’t wait to bring new ideas and initiatives to the Senate and help to better LS even more! I hope you will re-elect me, Emmet Klein, for Student Senate!

Parks Marilla

     I, Parks Marilla, of the 2019 class, am running for student senate because I would like to bring new changes to our school that will positively affect the wellbeing of the students of Lincoln Sudbury Regional High School.  I have participated in student senate for the past two years and have been  able to bring about good change in the school.  For example, the other senators and I have worked very hard to prevent teachers to assign you homework over your holidays.  If I am elected, I will work hard to bring back plain bagels to the L-S cafeteria.  I will make an effort to better the school lunch experience for the student body, but still keep it nutritious.  I have many ideas and plans for the school year of 2017-2018.  As much of the student body appreciates getting to sit on Santa’s lap during Christmas/Hannukah time, I was thinking more events like this could be created for other holidays throughout the school year.  Events like this bring all grades and people of different social groups together.  I believe these events could socially benefit the student body through opportunity to branch out and meet new people.  Many of these ideas can come to life next year.  Being a part of the Student Senate means a lot to me because I am able to bring about change in our school that the people want.  With my two years of experience as a senator, my leadership, and influence on the student body I know that I can help lead the senate to accomplishing even more for the students than it has in the past.  I would like to ask for your vote to be re-elected for a third term in order to maintain the momentum around accomplishing many of your hopes and dreams.

Jada McCray

I am Jada McCray, class of 2019 of West House and a current sophomore.  I am currently a senator on the Student Senate and am running for re-election.  I am interested in continuing to serve on the Student Senate because I love helping to make the school an even better place than it already is.  I also am interested in joining because I can already see many changes in L-S both socially and academically.  I wish to be a part and help in any way I can with such changes. Some background and experiences I have are being a METCO student for over 5 years, which has helped me adapt to the curriculum and environment that L-S has introduced to me.  What I bring personality wise is a very socially accepting, academically focused personality.  I accept everyone as a possible friend, and do not care for drama or boundaries.  I can ask my peers what their opinions and ideas are about changes that could be brought to the school, and bring them to the Student Senate to discuss.  Although this may not be much, I wish to make everyone in L-S, including the teachers, feel comfortable.  I hope that every L-S student has as many opportunities as I have been provided.  I will help to strengthen our core values.  Thank you, and I hope I can contribute my ideas and opinions to the Student Senate.

Lucinda Nevils

Hi! My name is Lucinda Nevils from the class of 2019 and i would like to run for this year’s Student Senate. I have been part of the club for the past two years, so I have experience and could contribute greatly to helping this school move even further forward. I think the Student Senate is an essential part of having a functional school system, because it lets us students make improvements ourselves. Without the student body’s input, this school would not function as well as it does. I consider myself very active in the LS community socially, academically, and athletically. An example of this is my commitment to Winter and Spring Track and Field. Being a part of those teams opened my eyes to how much spirit this school has, and how much we could accomplish if we all put that energy into making this school a better environment. I also believe I should be re-elected because my organization skills allow for me to be helpful member of the club. Being organized is an essential quality to have on the Senate due to all of the initiatives we work on. I am a good listener, and would be open to any and all ideas other peers have of ways to improve our school. I am also not afraid to take risks, meaning I will put forth all my effort into doing everything in my power to benefit LS in every way. This year’s Senate will be a fun and productive club, and I promise I will not let you down!

Brendan Toland

My name is Brendan Toland and I am a member of the Class of 2019 at LS. I want to be re-elected to Student Senate because I want to make LS the best school it can be for everyone who attends. Student Senate is a great platform for expressing the views and opinions of my peers. I think I should be re-elected to Student Senate because I feel as if I represent the thoughts of a large percentage of my classmates; being apart of many social, athletic and academic groups. For this, I believe I have the ability to advocate for my peers and bring change for all students. The big goal of the Senate should be to represent our peers and bring about positive change, and this is what I plan on doing if re-elected. I consider myself a leader among my classmates and I think I can express the opinions of them using my leadership qualities. I have developed good leadership skills from athletics and group work in addition to my experience on the Senate, skills that will help me to contribute to the Senate. Being re-elected to Student Senate will help me continue to develop my leadership abilities. Having been a member of the Senate for two years, I feel experienced and I know what is needed to do a good job. I am determined and willing to put in the time and work to represent my peers. If I am re-elected to Student Senate I would hope to participate in a positive way to make LS the best school it can be.

Courtney Wolin

I am Courtney Wolin and I will be a junior next year at LS.  With two years of being an active and engaged student and student athlete, I would be a great Senator because I am someone, who cares about the LS community and wants to be in an environment that is supportive for everyone.  Being a great listener and a friend to diverse groups of students, I believe that I would be a strong representative for the many students at LS.  I am fair, kind and approachable and realize that there are many types of students at L-S, who want their voice heard.  I would take the time to ask different student groups what they feel the school is lacking and bring those ideas to the Student Senate to see what steps could be taken to address them.  For example, when players on my JV Field Hockey team were complaining about lack of team cohesion and “cliquiness”, I started a group text to include every member and hosted a pasta party to bring us together, building camaraderie and inclusivity.  In doing so, our team felt supported and we became more connected both on and off the field.

I could envision leading similar efforts, but for our entire school community.  Having been involved with diversity workshops and Project LS, I have had heard students complain that some racial tensions still exist and that there are many groups of students who feel separated from one another.  Leading efforts to ensure a culture of inclusivity is key to making the LS community a stronger one.  I would love to be a leader on Project LS to continue to bring people together and potentially add a community day to our school, where groups of students, who may not otherwise interact, would do team-building exercises to build stronger relationships among them.  I have seen how sports teams and community events can bring people together from different grades and who have different interests and I think more events, where students can connect with those who they might not have the opportunity to, would be beneficial.

I would love to work with not only students and the Senate members, but with teachers, faculty and staff to make LS a welcoming, safe and inclusive place to learn and thrive.

Class of 2018:

Matt Bayer

My name is Matt Bayer and I am running for reelection to Student Senate. This past year was my first time in the Senate, and I enjoyed representing the student body and pushing for improvements at LS. I was present when the Senate succeeded in its no homework over break initiative, which is large achievement that will drastically improve the LS Student experience. Having observed this major success, I want to continue participating in the Senate in order to keep pursuing the improve the academic lives of every student at LS. Aside from my previous experience in the Senate, I feel that I would continue to be a useful Senator because I am a member of a broad variety of extracurriculars and can represent a large portion of the student body.

Student Senate has made major progress at LS in maintaining a sense of community and reducing student stress. I think both of these issues can continue to be improved, and that Student Senate is in the perfect position to represent the desires of each grade and to brainstorm ideas to pursue these goals. As a senator, I will push for the Senate to continue to advocate for these issues because it has proven to be an effective source of progress within the school. In addition, I will continue to seek out areas of the LS experience in which the Senate can make improvements, and to push for these changes within the Senate. Participating in Student Senate has been an enjoyable experience for me, as it is a very collaborative and productive environment, and I think I am able to contribute greatly to this group and its initiatives. I hope to be able to continue to support this group in the 2017-18 school year!

Michael Farren

I would like to serve on the Student Senate in order to be a part of positive change at LS. Being a member of the Senate for the past two years, I am grateful that I have been able to help improve life for everyone at the school and work to meet students’ demonstrated wants and needs. I hope that I can get the opportunity to do this again in the coming year. Furthermore, I want to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard: I intend to make certain that any serious issues are addressed and look forward to communicating the need for change to LS faculty and administration. Finally, I want to serve on the Student Senate to partake in keeping LS a safe learning environment for all and upholding our school’s core values: fostering caring and cooperative relationships, respecting human differences, pursuing academic excellence, and cultivating community.

If re-elected to the Student Senate, I feel that I would bring qualities that will aid in achieving our goals and in benefitting the LS community as a whole. I am always respectful to others’ opinions and often view criticisms as a starting point for progress. Therefore, I will be able to effectively communicate with people both inside and outside of the Senate regarding problems at LS that need to be tackled and how to go about tackling them. In addition to this, I will bring my own strong viewpoint to the Senate. As I have tried my best to follow LS core values and build various strong relationships with others during my time in high school, I believe that these views often coincide with a majority of other students and that I am a good candidate to represent the members of my class. Lastly, I will be beneficial to the Student Senate because of my good listening skills and positive outlook. I look forward to contributing my ideas and making a difference at LS!

Dan Hamilton

Last year was my first year in student senate and I enjoyed helping out the school in this organization. I would like to better use the space around the school as one of my objectives in Student Senate. I believe that right now there is a lot of space that could be better used for seating both in the library and around the hallway. Often students have to leave the library because of the 4 to a table rule and the lack of tables, there could be more room for tables if organized better or there could be more chairs at each table. This would help for bigger group projects, this would also help with cultivating community because if there are more and bigger tables people could sit with people they haven’t talked to before. There are also places in the hallways that could have seating like in the connectors or at the beginning of buildings. I would like this to happen because I often find that there are no places to sit except for the cafeteria. I believe I would make a good senator because I want to help the school and have many great ideas to do so. I know the school very well by now and am in touch with many different groups in the school so i can represent many different people’s ideas. I also have a great interest in helping the school because my brother is an incoming freshman and I would like to create a better environment for him and for all students to come. I also am very ambitious and will help create ideas that will help the school and everyone in it have a better learning experience.

Kerri Johnson

My name is Kerri Johnson, I am a member of the class of 2018 and I am running for reelection to the Lincoln-Sudbury Student Senate.  I have been a member of the Student Senate since my first year at LS and therefore have the necessary knowledge and experience to make a difference in our school community.  I have been apart of and seen how the Senate operates in pushing through major initiatives including the “No Homework Over Break” policy that was passed by the faculty and staff and will be implemented for the 2017-2018 school year.  Additionally, this past year I took on a leadership role within the Senate and was able to gain even more experience that I believe equips me to play a major role in future Senate projects. I have also been very active in the LS community as a whole during my three years as a student.  I believe that by being closely involved with a variety of activities and groups at LS, I have come to understand the nuanced views of our diverse student body.  It is vital that the student government body be able to represent all members of our community in order to create a positive and inclusive academic and social environment.  Through my leadership experience in the Senate itself and my understanding of the LS student body, I believe I am very well qualified and committed to making our school a better place for both students and faculty!

Lauren Kim

Hi, my name is Lauren Kim and I am running for a seat on the Student Senate. I am a part of the class of 2018, and I look forward to help represent them if I am elected. I am a current member of the senate, and have been a part of this club since my sophomore year. During this time, I have served on the space committee, the school spirit committee, the honor society committee and most recently the no-homework-over-breaks committee. I am also a member of school council, which I attend regularly to gain a higher understanding of how our school runs, and to give students a say in up and coming projects. Personality-wise, I am dedicated, focused, and detail orientated which makes me a good candidate for office. I care very deeply about the topics I pursue, and try to push the agenda until the end. I am also a hard worker, which means that I am willing to put in the effort to create positive change in this school.  I am particularly interested in serving because I genuinely care for my class, and I want to make the high school experience better for everyone. Serving also gives me a chance to give back to my friends and peers, who deserve to have their voices heard.

Sohan Mewada

Hi my name is Sohan Mewada, I am in the class of 2018 and I am running for re-election to the LS Student Senate.

I am interested in serving on the Student Senate because I want to help out my fellow students as they progress towards graduation. High school is difficult and it is nice to know that by being on the Student Senate, you can do things that help out your fellow classmates.

I have been on the Student Senate for my entire high school career so far, so I know what it is like dealing with the tasks that it demands. I have first hand experience of putting together committees and working to pass proposals with other teachers. In school, I have founded two clubs with my classmates, so I know what it is like to be a leader. Outside of school, I have leadership positions in many of my extra curriculars weather it be coaching middle schoolers at Curtis Middle School to helping running tennis camps for a 501(c)(3) charity in Boston.

With all these experiences under my belt, I feel that I could continue to help the school benefit in a positive way by being on the Student Senate once again.

Spencer Semple 

My name is Spencer Semple and I am running for re-election on the student senate for my third year this upcoming school year. These past few years as a senator I have thoroughly enjoyed making a difference in our school community and look forward to having the opportunity to continue to do so next year. In my classes and extracurricular activities I always look for and listen to any ideas that people have about ways to improve our school, and love the fact that being a senator allows me the opportunity to put these ideas into action. I’m bringing to the senate two years of past experience of being a senator. Additionally, this past year through the School Council I have worked on the initiative to change the school start time. This upcoming year on the senate, if re-elected, I am hoping to work on initiatives to further LS’s school spirit, including the possibility of a school spirit day. I am aware of the expectations of senators and will continue attending every senate meeting as I have done in the past. I’m also bringing to the senate past experiences from the Speech and Debate team, and LS athletics. This gives me experiences and ideas from a wide variety of individuals, which I have always been excited to bring before the senate. Please consider voting for me to represent our class on the student senate!


Welcome to the L-S Student Senate web site.  Here you can learn who is in the Senate, what issues the Senate is working on, when meetings are, and what is on meeting agendas.  You can also use this site to contact the Student Senate to raise an issue or offer your view on an issue under discussion.  Please do!

  • We meet during Blue ACA in C372.
  • Our advisor is Caroline Han.