Conflict is a normal and unavoidable part of life. Without the skills to resolve disagreements, conflicts often build, causing anger, disruptions in class, difficulties at home, fights, and sometimes more serious violence. Mediation is a form of conflict resolution in which trained mediators, under the supervision of the Mediation Coordinator, help their peers work through differences. It is a conversation facilitated by peers, who are trained to create a safe environment for productive discussion. The goal of mediation is to bring the parties together to gain a better understanding of the underlying causes of the disagreement and find a mutually acceptable solution.


Voluntary Consent
Parties come to mediation only if they agree to. No one can be forced to participate in mediation or sign an agreement.

All mediators take an oath of confidentiality promising not to talk about what happened in mediation to anyone except the program coordinator. Mediators must consult the coordinator in any situation where there is concern for the parties’ safety.

Mediators will treat each party equally and fairly. They will not take sides or decide who’s right or wrong.

Self Determination
Mediators will respect people’s right to decide for themselves how to settle their differences. They will not offer opinions or solutions.