Information About The Class:

Unit #9: Asset Bubbles in History & The 2008 Financial Crisis


  • 2019 Financial Bubbles Project
  • Researching Financial Bubbles:  The LS Library Wiki for the project is here; the link to the “Booms and Busts” encyclopedia is here.
  • Unit Readings: #1: Read How Can Mortgage Backed Securities Bring Down the U.S. Economy? and answer the comprehension questions (Comprehension Questions are here) ; and #2 Time Magazine “How Wall Street Won:  The Myth of Financial Reform” (handed out in class)–both are due on June 7 -10 point spot check; no late work accepted without excused absence).
  • Financial Crisis Review Guide (to be posted) (due on June 11 (B7); June 12 (B6)-10 point spot check; you will need to reference the articles above)  Test is on June 13 at 8:00.

Class Activities:

  • The U.S. Housing “Bubble”
  • 2008 Financial Crisis Key Terms Jeopardy Game
  • Inside Job Film Questions
  • Common Elements of Speculative Bubbles Throughout History

Required Websites for the Financial Bubbles Project:

Tulip Mania:

The South Sea Bubble:

The Roaring 1920s Stock Market Bubble:

Japan’s Bubble Economy:

The Bubble:

Required Websites Related to the 2008 Financial Crisis

  • Inside Job (review the following sections: “The Cast” “The Events,” “The Jargon”
  • A great video timeline about the origins of the Financial Crisis is here.  The derivatives controversy is here and the failure to regulate derivatives is here

Optional Websites for understanding the 2008 Financial Crisis: