Unit #1:  Introduction to Economics


Class Activities:


Unit #2:  The Household Budget Project


Class Activities:

  • Calculating Withholdings and filling Out a 1040EZ Form
  • Types of Insurance
  • Types of Car Insurance

Optional Reading:

Personal Finance Information:

Household Income Data & Information:

Unit #3: Supply and Demand


Class Activities:

  • Introduction to Demand
  • Introduction to Supply
  • Supply and Demand Examples
  • Marginal Cost, Marginal Revenue and Profit Maximization
  • 30 Days on Minimum Wage (Price Floor Application)
  • Price Gouging (Price Ceiling Application)
  • Elasticity of Demand; calculated elasticity of demand values for some products are here; an excellent video that explains how to calculate demand elasticity is here
  • Markets & Inefficiency; the New York Times article we read is here; the cap and trade video is here; the used car video is here; and the health insurance video is here

Unit #4:  GDP, Unemployment and Inflation


Note:  Marginal Revolution University has some excellent online videos that cover some of the material in this unit.  Sections 1, 2, 3 and 6 could be helpful study aids.  These videos are not substitutes for the textbook, they are supplements to the material presented in the unit.


I.  Macroeconomic Performance:

II.  Unemployment and Inflation:

Links for Webquest:

Question 1                   Question 4                Question 7

Question 2                   Question 5                Question 8             Question 11

Question 3                   Question 6                Questions 9-10 (select “economy” & scroll to bottom of page)


Country Research (you have been assigned one):

United States                   China

United Kingdom              India

Argentina                          Ethiopia

Do Not Forget the Index of Economic Freedom for your country

Optional Resources and Data:

  • Check out the Billion Prices Project at MIT and Price Stats; Regional economic data is available from MERC at Framingham State University
  • State economic growth rates, measured by Gross State Product from FRED are available here
  • Marginal Revolution University: Growth Rates are critical video is here
  • More data from FRED: historical unemployment data is here; current unemployment data is here; unemployment v. the natural rate of unemployment graph is here; Labor Force Participation Rates data is here
  • The cost of unemployment is here

Unit #5:  Fiscal and Monetary Policy



Videos & Other Materials from the Unit:


2017-2018 Policy Paper Writing Assignment

Class Handouts/Assignments:

Assigned/Required Resources:

 Unit #6:  Money and Banking

Class Activities:

Midterm Examination Information:

Unit #7: Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds

Homework: (see online articles below)

Required Homework Readings (see homework guide above):

Remember to print out and bring required articles above to class for the review guide note check, otherwise no points for review guide.

Class Activities

A.  Researching Stocks:

  • Value Line Profiles for the stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average are available here

B.  Researching Mutual Funds:

C.  Mutual Fund Companies for Portfolio Assignment:


I.  The Stock Portfolio Assignment:

Extra Credit Materials for the Mutual Funds Portfolio Assignment:

II.  The Mutual Funds Portfolio Assignment:

Q3 Current Events Assignment

Block 6:

Print out and Read by 04/02 (everyone)

Block 7:

Print out and read by 04/02

Last Names A-Ha:

Last Names Ho-W:

Unit #8:  International Trade & Globalization


Class Activities:

  • Absolute v. Comparative Advantage
  • The Current Balance of Trade in Goods and Services is here; the article we read about the Balance of Payments is here
  • Trade Barriers/Protectionism; “Let Africa Trade With Africa” video is here; “The Routes of Trade” video is here
  • Strong Dollar/Weak Dollar (Currency Exchange Rates); the video on the Eurozone crisis is here
  • FRED data: Canada / U.S. Foreign Exchange Rate is here;  FRED data on US Dollar v. Major Currencies is here
  • Globalization
  • Film Questions Commanding Heights NAFTA; (watch online here): Start at 2:43 in to “The Global Idea” (3.2), then watch “NAFTA: The First Test” (3.3), “Crossing the Border” (3.4), “The Global Market” (3.5), and “Emerging Market Hunters” (3.6).
  • Migration
  • Options for U.S. Trade Policy


  • Economists’ views on trade are here; Economists’ views on tariffs are here
  •  A currency converter is here
  • “President Nixon Ends Bretton Woods International Monetary System” video is here; An excellent video on reserve currencies is here
  • Christina Romer, “Needed: Plain Talk About the Dollar” is here
  • FRED Data:  Manufacturing Output and Employment (from GDP unit)
  • What we’ve learned from NAFTA articles are here
  • The Trade Deal We Just Threw Overboard (details how President Obama used the TPP talks to press Canada and Mexico to change NAFTA).
  • “Do Illegal Immigrants Actually Hurt the U.S. Economy?” article is here
  • “The Great De-Globalizing” article is here

Final Project

Class Activities:

  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Introduction to Cash Flow
  • Controlling Costs


Babysitting data from Care.com and the Economic Policy Institute

Unit #9: Asset Bubbles in History & The 2008 Financial Crisis


Class Activities:

  • The U.S. Housing “Bubble”
  • 2008 Financial Crisis Key Terms Jeopardy Game
  • Inside Job Film Questions
  • Common Elements of Speculative Bubbles Throughout History

Required Websites for the Financial Bubbles Project:

Tulip Mania:

The South Sea Bubble:

The Roaring 1920s Stock Market Bubble:

Japan’s Bubble Economy:

The dot.com Bubble:

Required Websites Related to the 2008 Financial Crisis

  • Inside Job (review the following sections: “The Cast” “The Events,” “The Jargon”
  • A great video timeline about the origins of the Financial Crisis is here.  The derivatives controversy is here and the failure to regulate derivatives is here

Optional Websites for understanding the 2008 Financial Crisis: