During the week of March 13, teachers will be conducting a lesson in each of their classes that offers students the opportunity to engage with and practice the core values as they pertain to the classroom. Teachers may elect to accomplish one of the following goals:

  1. Make a direct connection between the core values and their academic disciplines. Some examples could be:
    1. An English teacher may study a short story with an emphasis on the point of view of the various characters in the story in order to help students practice perspective taking
    2. A History teacher may explore the role of migration patterns in the development of ancient civilizations
    3. A Biology teacher may demonstrate the role biological diversity plays in sustaining a healthy ecosystem
  2. Engage the class in a team building exercise
    1. Students could be challenged to work in small groups to complete a task that requires them to build a greater understanding and trust of one another
    2. Students could be asked to reflect on how they function as a team and create personal and group goals for a successful completion of the school year
  3. Discuss how the Core Values are lived at LS
    1. A part of Project LS is to challenge students to take ownership of the school and its core values. Students may be asked to reflect on how they have observed our core values at work. Where can we as a school improve? How can we make LS an institution that lives up to its mission statement in word and substance?