The Origin of Project LS

“We Are Warriors” emanated out of a school-wide concern for a diverse range of students who have expressed feelings of isolation, lack of belonging, and uncertainty of their place in our community. Our students have helped us appreciate more fully the many ways any of them and others can be made to feel less than.

The objective of Project LS is to reaffirm, learn about and practice our core values of:

Respecting Human Differences

Cultivating Community

As a community, we hope to engage students with opportunities to reflect on how we live these core values day-to-day. Through such efforts, we expect that students will be able to learn about their peers’ experiences here at Lincoln-Sudbury that they may not have been aware of previously. Through those connections, we hope that students are inspired to be stronger leaders and role models, demonstrating for each other the attributes of an “LS Warrior” – someone who commits to our school motto: “think for yourself but think of others.”

As educators, we believe that by engaging students in such practice offers them tangible skills that they may transfer to their experiences outside of Lincoln-Sudbury when they may be challenged to collaborate with others whose identities and backgrounds are different from their own. There are an increasing number of post-secondary institutions and employers who are seeking candidates who possess such skills and experiences. We believe it important to prepare our students to enter this world.

Project LS will have a minimal impact on the day-to-day curriculum. Feel free to explore the tabs above to explore the variety of experiences we will make available to our students and the community.