To All Cooperating Teachers:

Thank you for supervising a Lincoln-Sudbury Peer Leader.   I hope you find the experience helpful and enjoyable as you work with your high school student.

Below is summary of the expectations for L-S Peer Leaders.  If at any time you are having any challenges with your peer leader, please share your concerns directly with your student and then contact the Peer Leader Coordinator, Susan Shields, (978)443-9961 ext. 3150.

The Peer Leader teacher evaluation form is due each semester.  Peer leader teacher eval

LS Peer Leader Expectations
It takes a special kind of teenager to be a peer leader. With this
role, comes a variety of responsibility and opportunities for
*Treat your internship as a JOB. Your attendance and attitude should
reflect the seriousness of this responsibility.

*Before you begin your internship, make sure all your paperwork is
submitted in a timely fashion. (CORI form, availabilty sheet).

*If you are going to be late or you are unable to make your session,
contact your cooperating counselor/teacher ASAP. Your contact person
is listed on your Important Names and Numbers Sheet .

*You are expected to maintain a friendly and warm but professional
relationship with your student (s). This time is about your student(s) not
you. Display self-reliance, enthusiasm and professionalism when working
at your internship.

*When interning at your site, you must follow the school’s rules.  This includes cell phone policies, dress code and food/drink policies.  If you are unclear about the expectations, please ask to review them with your cooperating teacher.

*You are a guest in the assigned school, therefore please follow all the
school policies of that school. Checking in the main office etc.

*As a peer leader, you are a role model for your student(s). Young
children and pre-teens are very impressionable. Your actions in and out
of school/internship may have a ripple effect. Make decisions for
yourself that reflect this.

*Hours should equal to 130 minutes per week. Use your time sheet at
your site to keep track of your hours.