Ms. Padden’s office is located in building A, room A221, around the corner from the Music Office and TV studio.
E-mail Ms. Padden:
Office Phone is (978) 443-9961 ext. 2222

Ms. Padden teaches a variety of courses, most of the courses have class Wiki’s in addition to these web pages. In some classes a user name and password are required to access the Wiki pages, all students in those classes are given a user name and password. Links to these resources are found in the menubar above. Ms. Padden has taught in both the FATA (fine, applied and technical arts) Department and the Computer Department.

About Ms. Padden

Ms. Padden joined the LS Faculty in 2006. Prior to embarking upon a teaching career at LS, Ms. Padden was a Park Ranger with The National Park Service and State of MA as well as a freelance photographer and web manager. She has worked on photography and web development projects for organizations such as MA Audubon, Earthwatch and a variety of conservation and education related groups.