GREAT SUMMER LONG  volunteer opportunity with Sudbury Valley Trustees

We are piloting the Bark Ranger Program at three of our properties; two in Sudbury and another in Wayland. These three properties have our highest number of dog walkers. With increased traffic comes a swath of problems. Waste, erosion, wildlife and visitor conflicts to name a few. Our Objectives are as follows;
  1. Collect valuable data on the impact dogs are having on our protected lands
  2. Document violations and the frequency of those violations to inform management decisions
  3. Increase our presence on the trails
  4. Educate and answer questions about our rules and regulations
This position would require;
  • Visiting one these properties 1-2 times per week.
  • Spending approximately 30 min- 1 hour per visit recording data and engaging visitors.
  • Summarizing and reporting back that information to us through google forms (15 minute task.)
A training would be provided to learn the rules and tips on engagement. Our  volunteers would not be acting as enforcers but rather educators and monitors. Resources like brochures, dog treats, and official bark ranger vests will be provided to the volunteer.
This is a great opportunity for any student would like to have a career natural resources, environmental sciences, or civic engagement. Check out our Bark Ranger Volunteer Description for more detail.
Trevor Nelson