Community Service announcement:

The Cum Laude Society is an academic honor society that invites students to join in the spring of their senior year.  The induction involves a ceremony at LS (on May 1st this year) in the auditorium and needs volunteers for the following tasks:

[Students may do as many shifts as they like]


Set up 1:30-3:30 decorate the areas outside the auditorium and inside, move tables, set up chairs, assemble programs, make punch – need 5-10 students


Serve 6:45-7:45 (need to dress up a bit) – serve punch, cut cake, general assistance – need 3 students minimum


Clean up 8:30-9:30 – Mostly taking down decorations: need 6 students minimum


Please contact Ms. Weisse in English by April 24th if you are interested (right after break).  BRING FRIENDS!