Are you good at math?

The Math Team meets during ACA every Wednesday sometimes in Mr. Dorey’s room (B455). Everyone is welcome to come!
The MML is after school on the first thursday of every month, we meet at the bottom of the AB connector

We need new members! The size of the math team is shrinking with each graduating class. To compete in some tournaments we need 9th and 10th graders, but anyone can join. I repeat: anyone who has a love for math can join. We meet each wednesday in room B457; everyone is welcome to participate in what we are doing. Free Food

In the MML competitions we travel too other schools, do some math, and get free food. The host school provides different types of food for the contestants, pizza and other good food is almost always available.

For the MML, we need 10 people: a maximum of 4 seniors and a maximum of 8 seniors and juniors combined, so we need at least two sophomores or freshmen.