What is iPass?

iPass is Lincoln-Sudbury’s internet-based Pupil Administrative Software System (developed by IMG and currently supported by Harris School Solutions) and is hosted on a secure server. iPass assists Lincoln-Sudbury staff to maintain and communicate student information.

Teachers may use iPass for grades, lesson plans, and/or class forums. Some teachers choose to give students access to grades, homework assignments, and other course material on iPass. Lincoln-Sudbury supports the decision of each teacher to determine how he or she will use these features with students.

In this age of electronic information, all users, especially students, should make sure to keep their iPass login and password secure. Individual users shall always be responsible for the proper use of accounts issued in their name. If users think their iPass account has been compromised, they should notify their teacher, counselor, or Associate Principal. iPass is part of the Lincoln-Sudbury Computer Network and is subject to the Computer Network Acceptable Use Policy. This policy is also available in the Program of Studies.

What is available in iPass for the LS student?
Each student at LS has an iPass account. With this secure account each LS student will be able to view:

  • their current year’s schedule
  • their attendance records (daily and period)
  • any owed fees and assets
  • a short biographical profile to verify student address, email etc.
  • any warnings submitted through iPass for any course taken at L-S
  • their own term and semester grades for each year they attend L-S
  • their grade and credit history sorted by department

L-S is committed to empowering our students to make the best possible decisions during their high school years. The iPass tools are meant to help each L-S student – in consultation with their parents, teachers, and counselors – make sound decisions concerning their course selections and educational focus at L-S and beyond.

Last update- June 2017