The Lincoln-Sudbury Regional School Committee feels that students best flourish in a supportive school environment that is in concert with an equally supportive home environment. With the exception of rare and unique circumstances, a student’s residence is the home where his or her parent(s) or legal guardian(s) reside.  In circumstances where parents or guardians live separately and custody is shared, or another arrangement exists, one guideline that the Superintendent/Principal will use in any residence consideration is whether or not the student resides in the District four or more nights per week.

In order to attend Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School, a student must be a resident dependent, with his/her parent(s) or legal guardian(s), of either the Town of Lincoln or the Town of Sudbury as defined in MA General Law Chapter 76, Section 5 or qualify in accordance with one of the following exceptions:

o          A student participating in the METCO Program

o           A student participating in the Student Exchange Program

o           A student whose parent or legal guardian is an employee of Lincoln-Sudbury Regional School District (teacher, administrator, clerical, educational support or buildings & grounds) who works a minimum of 20 hours per week and who would also be eligible for such benefits as health insurance.

o           A student whose parent or legal guardian is an employee of the Lincoln or Sudbury Public Schools, provided that said school districts have a policy which provides dependent children of Lincoln-Sudbury  Regional School District employees equivalent access and said policy is implemented in the same manner as this policy is implemented.

Procedures for enrollment,  including all requirements for documentation,  will be available from the Director of Student Services and/or the Superintendent/Principal.  In any circumstances involving legal guardianship, documentation confirming a decision in the courts to this effect must be available to the District upon request.  In addition, the District retains the right to require the production of a variety of records and documents to verify residence.

Dependents of employees of Lincoln-Sudbury  Regional School District, Lincoln Public School or Sudbury Public Schools are permitted to attend Lincoln-Sudbury as long as they remain employed by said school district and provided the student’s educational needs can be met within the school and its academic and support services.

Non-Resident Students

A) Non-resident employees desiring to enroll a dependent child(ren) shall apply to the Superintendent/Principal in writing. Procedures for enrollment will be available from the Superintendent/Principal.

B) Once enrollment is approved, the child(ren) of a non-resident employee will be permitted to remain a student of LSRHS until completion of his/her senior year, except that a student whose parent leaves the employ of LSRHS or the Lincoln or Sudbury Public Schools may continue to attend LSRHS only for the balance of the current semester.

C) The non-resident employee will be responsible for the transport of his/her child(ren) to and from school.

Resident Senior Students Who Move After the Official Opening of School

The Lincoln-Sudbury Regional School Committee recognizes that stability is important in a student’s educational career, especially for the final year of high school.  Therefore, the LSRSC will allow any resident senior whose parent or legal guardian moves from Lincoln or Sudbury after the start of the school year one of the following opportunities:

A) Should the parent or legal guardian leave the District after the opening of the fall semester of the student’s senior year, the District will allow for the student to remain in attendance through the conclusion of mid-term (first semester) exams.  Thereafter, as and if necessary, the student will be expected to be educated in the community in which the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) reside.  In addition, should the parent or legal guardian desire for the senior student to remain in the District through the conclusion of second semester, the parent or guardian shall pay the District one semester’s tuition in full prior to the start of second semester.

B) Should the parent or legal guardian leave the District after the conclusion of mid-term (first semester) exams of the student’s senior year, the District will allow for the student to remain in attendance through the conclusion of second semester in order to complete his or her senior year.

Transportation of senior students in these circumstances will be the responsibility of the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) once the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) have left the District.

In good faith, reasonable effort will be made by the Administration to work with students to complete studies in line with LSRHS graduation requirements and receive an L-S diploma should the fall semester be the concluding semester of studies within the District for the student.

Temporary Residence

In accordance with Massachusetts law, if a child resides temporarily in Lincoln or Sudbury for the specific purpose of attending school, but the legal residence of the child’s  parent(s) or guardian(s) is not in Lincoln or Sudbury, the School District may recover the tuition from the parent(s) or legal guardian(s).

Prospective Residents of Lincoln or Sudbury Awaiting Occupancy

In the event prospective residents are waiting to occupy their Sudbury or Lincoln home and desire to have their child(ren) attend Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School, the Lincoln­ Sudbury School Committee authorizes the Superintendent of Schools to enroll their child(ren) in Lincoln-Sudbury High School for up to 45 calendar days prior to taking possession of the home. The parent shall assume all responsibility for transportation during this period.

The prospective resident must furnish the School Department with the following documents to qualify:

A.  A signed and accepted Purchase and Sale contract,

B.  A signed statement by a licensed Real Estate Broker or Bank Officer that a Financial Commitment has been approved.

In the event that the prospective resident does not take possession of the property or does not receive a certificate of occupancy from the respective town within 45 calendar days of enrollment  in the District, the District will recover tuition for the period of time during which the student has already been enrolled, and/or, at the discretion of the Superintendent/Principal, the children of such prospective residents could be excluded from Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School by the District.

This policy makes every effort to provide guidance and support for the Superintendent/Principal and District Administration in most circumstances.   There may remain unique circumstances that may require specific deliberation, discretion and a decision by the Superintendent/Principal and/or the School Committee that may result in policy exceptions, should circumstances so warrant.  The Superintendent/Principal will be responsible for keeping the School Committee Chair duly informed of special circumstances, issues and concerns that may arise in the enforcement  of this policy.

The School Committee reserves the right to limit the space available to ensure the maintenance of appropriate class sizes and to avoid overcrowding.

Nothing in this policy shall supersede any provision of any collective bargaining agreement. The Lincoln-Sudbury  Regional School Committee will review this policy annually.

Adopted 12/10/02

Amended and approved 10/25/11