Registration Process for Students Entering
Lincoln-Sudbury Regional School District

Welcome to Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School.

To begin the student enrollment process we ask that you first gain an understanding of the Lincoln-Sudbury Residency Policy.  In order for a student to be registered at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School, the student must reside in either the town of Lincoln or the town of Sudbury or be a member of the Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity (METCO) program.

The Lincoln-Sudbury School Profile and Program of Studies (see link on the menu bar above) provide information about our school’s curriculum and policies.

If you are new the area, we invite you to attend one of our public events.  See “Upcoming Events” on the main page of our web site and the Athletics page calendar.

Our registration process includes the completion of required forms and obtaining records from your previous school. For your convenience, we have provided a  Checklist for Enrollment forms and Documents as well as a list of documents and links to forms you will need to complete below.

Please return all the required documents and completed forms to the Lincoln-Sudbury Registrar by mail, fax (978-443-8824), email, or in person.   Students and Parents/Guardians must attend a registration appointment with a Guidance Counselor and all registration forms and documents must be completed and returned prior to the appointment. Upon receipt, you will be contacted to make an appointment to meet with a Guidance Counselor.

For students new to our district (not from our sending schools of Lincoln and Sudbury), enrollment meeting for school year 2019-202 will begin in April.

Students are not considered enrolled at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School until they have met with a Guidance Counselor.   If you have questions or require any assistance with the forms or documents, please contact the Lincoln-Sudbury Registrar, Donna Cakert, 978-443-9961 X2334.

We look forward to welcoming your student to Lincoln-Sudbury Regional School District.

Thank you.



Proof of Residency and Occupancy in either the town of Lincoln or Sudbury
Birth Certificate, Visa or Passport
Current Immunization Record
Current Physical Examination Record
Grades/Transcript/Schedule to Date
Individual Educational Plan or 504 Plan, if student is currently receiving services and latest testing
MCAS Scores (if entering from a Massachusetts public school)
Disciplinary and Attendance Records


Formularios en Español

Use the links below for forms to be completed prior to your registration meeting:

Enrollment Form
Request for Student Records
Home Language Survey – Select your language (from bottom of screen)
Health and Emergency Information Form

Additional Forms~if applicable

Denial for Consent to Release Student information to the Military Form
Military Family Status Form
Activity Fee Form
Cafeteria Information including Free/Reduced Lunch Form
Lincoln-Sudbury Parents Organization Information (including the LSPO directory sign up)
Media Opt-out Form


If your student is interested in playing sports at LS, here is an overview of our
Athletics Department.

Or visit our LS Athletics webpage for necessary forms and information.
Important: If your student is transferring from another high school, private or public, and intends to play sports at LS, you will need to complete the MIAA FORM 200. Fill out all of section A & Section B.1 & B.2.  Bring this form with you to your enrollment meeting.