Ms. Hodin
Room C-359

“…I feel myself a naturalist and a physician both; and that I am equally interested in diseases and people; perhaps too, that I am equally, if
inadequately, a theorist and a dramatist, am equally drawn to the scientific
and the romantic and continually see both in the human condition…”
Oliver Sacks

The central question addressed in this Psychology class is “How do psychologists explain behavior and mental processes?” Oliver Sacks, a brilliant neuroscientist, identifies the dual role played by effective psychologists: Good psychologists are both empathetic counselors and objective scientists. The course objectives stem from this essential question and acknowledge this multifaceted role.

Course Objectives
1. Students will study the fundamental concepts and theories of psychology.
2. Students will learn the basic skills of psychological research. They
should be able to devise and critique scientific studies, interpret and generalize results.
3. Students will develop the following academic skills: reading comprehension and analysis, formal and informal writing, public speaking and discussion.
4. Students will build critical thinking skills and evaluate the validity of recent research and popular claims.
5. Students will apply psychological principles to their own life.
6. Students develop the ability to examine their decisions and relationships
in a reflective and sensitive manner.

Myers, David G. Exploring Psychology (sixth edition) New York: Worth publishing, 2005.

Visual resources
We will use a variety of popular films and clips from video series in order to highlight real world examples of psychological concepts and issues covered in class.

LS Psychology Web page
At this web site you will find class assignments as well as links to supplementary resources.

Grading Policy
In order to accurately and fairly assess each of your efforts and learning there will be a wide variety of assignments. My grading policy is based on research demonstrating multiple intelligences and learning styles and the overall value of daily persistence and diligence.

Each quarter you will have:
3 Tests
1 Essay/ formal writing assignment(worth 1 test grade)
1 group presentation
Frequent quizzes
Homework – There will be a variety of homework assignments: outlining pgs from the textbook, writing personal responses, completing handouts, and highlighting articles.
Participation – Classroom discussion is a vital part of this psychology class. We will start each class with announcements and a general conversation about psychology in your life. This is an excellent opportunity for students to raise questions, bring in current events and articles and share their views. Each student is expected to participate in class discussions, with questions, comments and examples from his/her own life This is worth up to 5% of your quarter grade). Because of the sensitive nature of many topics covered in psychology it is very important to respect your classmates. Any comment made in class is confidential.

Academic Responsibility
Misrepresenting others’ work as your own is intellectual dishonesty.
Because research and learning are often best done in groups, collaboration
with classmates is expected. However, all work on tests must be individual
and research reports must be written in your own words. You must properly
cite resources and people used in your research. You will receive a zero
for any test or project that is plagiarized. In addition, your house master will be notified and house disciplinary action will be taken. Please see me if you are not clear about whether your work is your own. I feel strongly about cheating and will enforce all consequences contained in the LS policy handbook.

Extra Help
You should make arrangements for extra help as soon as you feel the
slightest concern about any topic or issue. Never wait until you are
completely stressed out or confused by the work.  Please feel free to contact me about concerns or issues. My goal is to help you learn about psychology and develop your academic and critical thinking skills. I enjoy working one on one with students. Take advantage of extra help!

Late Policies
It is your responsibility to get assignments if you are out. Work is expected the  day you return unless there are special circumstances.
If you are absent on the day of a test, you must make it up the day that
you return. It is your responsibility to contact me and set up when you
will take the test.
Come to class on time. Attendance is taken everyday. I will mark down how late you are. For every ten minutes you are late over the course of the quarter, you will receive one detention.

In order to ensure a comfortable and productive class each individual must
be responsible, accountable, and respectful.

Come to class prepared, both with required materials and an enthusiastic,
curious and focused mindset.