Full year course–4 credits.   This course will examine the history and development of racism, prejudice, and discrimination in United States history. Using materials from Facing History and Ourselves, as well as primary sources, popular films and documentaries, academic articles and biographies, this course will ask students to practice introspection and reflect honestly on the challenges and benefits of living in our democratic society. We will study eugenics, a “scientific” practice whose goal in the late 1800s was to eliminate “undesirable” human traits. In addition, we will analyze the founding documents and contemporary media of the United States through the lens of race, class and gender. Our unit on Immigration will focus on how different groups have struggled with acceptance and assimilation in American society. Students will be expected to engage in formal discussions and debates, reports on contemporary events, a research paper, and creative projects throughout the year. (2-4) This course does not satisfy the United States history requirement.