(156) STREET LAW Full year course – 4 credits This course will study the origins of laws and how they, along with the government, impact society.

Students will study the Constitution and why this document plays an important role in our everyday lives. They will also analyze the conflict between society’s expectation retaining individual rights versus its expectation of safety. By focusing on specific Constitutional Amendments, civil court cases and criminal court cases, students will build arguments that will be expressed in various formats.

Class time will be divided between interactive lectures, group activities, whole class discussions and small group debates. During the first semester, students will be assessed through more traditional tests and quizzes as well as write brief argumentative responses to key legal questions. During the second semester, assessments will be more project based and students will begin working on a research based project. The goal of the assessments over the course of the year is to build a strong foundational knowledge of basic legal concepts in conjunction with analytical thinking, speaking and writing skills. (3-5)