(129) HISTORY OF ART: A GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE    Full year course – 4 credits This cultural history course examines history through the lens of art and architecture. Focusing upon paintings, sculpture, architecture and objects from cultures and countries throughout the world, students will learn how to conduct a formal analysis of a work of art and then ask additional questions about its conception, production, context, and life to gain greater insights into the world we live in and see. The goal of this class is to give students another lens to examine the world and history. Topics to be covered include comparing portraits by American, Mexican and Indian artists; the human figure in sculpture in Greece and modern-day works; religious architecture in Europe and Asia; and the influence of trade on everyday items globally. The goal is not only to use art as a form of source material but also to think critically about what art reveals, its biases, and its impact. Class time will be divided between lectures, discussions, writing exercises, student presentations, and creative projects. Students should expect to be assessed in a variety of formats including homework, unit tests, various written reflections, art analyses, and a research project. This course features a strong emphasis on the development of skills in reading, analysis, writing, organization, and note- taking. (2-4)