(130) ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS    Full year course – 4 credits Ancient Civilizations is concerned with understanding social, political and cultural experience in
a past that is the foundation of the Western world. Study will include working with historical and literary documents, engaging in discussions, writing essays and traditional lecture. The course begins with an examination of the seven themes of civilization and a look at the first urban centers such as Uruk, Eridu, and Ur. After our study of Mesopotamia, we will explore Egypt and the Near East kingdoms. The majority of the course will focus on Greece and Rome.
The study of Greek civilization will incorporate the period from the Bronze Age to the successors of Alexander. There will be an emphasis on understanding the place of Greece with respect to other Mediterranean and Near Eastern cultures and civilizations, the interrelationships between art, culture, politics, and society and Greece’s influence and connection to the modern world. After Greece, the course will examine the art, architecture, history, religion, and culture of the Romans and their antecedents, both at Rome and throughout its empire.