Full year course ­ 4 credits This course is designed to introduce students to several current international political crises & US foreign policy responses involving such issues as terrorism, ethnic conflict, religious wars, and globalization. Previous areas of study have included: The 9/11 Attacks & War on Terror, the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Issues in Afghanistan, the War in Iraq, Nuclear Weapons Proliferation, & the War on Drugs. Future units will reflect the changing world in which we live. The historical basis of each controversy will be presented so that students can make connections between past and present, and thus gain an understanding that goes beyond newspaper headlines. The complexities of each situation will be examined, taking into account different perspectives and viewpoints. Through readings, debate, research, and rigorous analysis, students will be expected to come to their own informed opinions about the topics studied. The course requires that students stay abreast of world news, and emphasis is placed on introducing students to various sources of information about world affairs. (1-3)