Full year course – 4 credits The history of the world in the twentieth century is marked by the rise of dictators who were able to gather a great deal of power and use it ruthlessly for their own ends. Under these dictators, more than one hundred million people lost their lives as these dictators tried to establish total control over their people. DICTATORS will focus on Hitler’s rule in Nazi Germany, Stalin’s rule in the Soviet Union, and Pol Pot’s role in Cambodia. We will analyze how these men came to power, what their totalitarian governments looked like, and what the tragic results were in the countries where they ruled. Throughout the course, we will also look at current events happening in the world in order to understand what dictatorships look like today. Ultimately this course is designed not just to teach the content of the periods and places studied, but is meant to help students to identify and oppose oppression both locally and globally. Students will be expected to read from a number of different sources–textbooks, magazine articles, fiction and non-fiction books, and primary sources. In addition, students will be expected to write a research paper for this class as well as a number of shorter papers. Students will also have the opportunity to do original research with survivors of the Stalinist purges. (2-4)