Full year course – 4 credits This course surveys the American historical experience by focusing on critical political and social issues as well as on some of the great trials that reflect US society in transition and at moments of crisis. After a thorough exploration of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution as the basis of the country’s social values and political structure, students will examine how much of United States history relates to the full realization of the ideas and principles of these documents. Topics students will explore are the rise of industrialization, immigration, the Progressive Movement and the Triangle Shirtwaist trial, civil liberties during World War I, the afluence and anxiety of the 1920s, US involvement during World War II, Cold War America, the Civil Rights movements, Vietnam and the trial of Lt. William Calley, and the post-Watergate era. Basic skills such as organization and study skills, note-taking, outlining and writing essays, vocabulary development, and oral expression are emphasized. (3-5)