(104) MODERN AMERICA 1865-1985 Full year course – 4 credits

After a review of the Constitution this course focuses on Reconstruction and then explores the economic, political, and social developments of the late nineteenth century that facilitated the country’s rise to power in the twentieth century. Among these topics are: expansion, industrialization, urbanization, and immigration. In the twentieth century the course explores the Progressive Era, the “Great War,” the affluence and anxieties of the 1920’s, the Depression, World War II, post war growth and social change, Cold War America, the turbulence of the 1960’s and the movements for social change, Vietnam, the post-Watergate era, and the revival of conservatism. Students are expected to use a textbook, to read from additional sources, and to be positive, active participants in the classroom. A variety of assignments will be given, with particular attention paid to essay writing. Increased emphasis will be placed on critical analysis and varying interpretations of the past. (1-4)